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on 5 Things You Need to Know About Lions Before Coming on Safari

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Whenever we go into the bush (or Kalahari desert) we always say it does not matter if we do not see a lion. It is all about the little things and the other animals. But in our hearts we really want to see a lion, becuase nothing compares with a lion right next to your vechile roaring as the sun rises. It is still the most iconic animal of Aftica.

Fully agree Marinda. It´s the king without the negatives often associated when it comes to humans in such a role. A lot to learn from them. BY the way … I would love to travel to Kalahari…. must be an amazing experience…. very different but I remember very well when we have been out in the dessert in Saudi-Arabia. Impressive. Wonderful silence. Happy New Year!

It’s a good thing that I knew all five of those things before I saw my first wild lions!

Our first lion sight was ….. very slow 😉 The guy just did not move or do anything. All of sudden he was on his feet ready to go ….. the king raised his attention because our daughter started to speak a bit too loud with her childrens´ voice ….. It was very clear who is the master in the bush.
Yes, it is wonderful to see lions and I always try to not think about them and focus on other animals and just love to be out there.

A bit surprised that lions are difficult to find even though I knew they were sleepy-heads. Throughly enjoyed the longer video of the elephants chasing off the lions. Great behaviorial example. Good blog, James.

Spine chilling, the roar of a lion/or lions, especially in the blanket of night. Yes, we’ve watched the various BBC/PBS animal documentaries and marveled at the prowess of the photographers, catching all of those thrilling moments- oh can I be so fortunate when I go to Africa to see matings, fights among one another, a breathtaking kill, tender moments with cubs…. oh wait, will I have weeks, months and a dedicated crew to assist with all of this?!

Just a brief sighting is icing on the cake, but a morning spent with cubs is priceless as well as a walk with a large, strapping Birmingham male. So, forget the documentaries and just be in the moment. Patience does have its rewards.

#6. When you are next to a male Lion that roars, you will feel it to the depths of your soul.

I couldn’t agree more Jeff

How true–all of it. First lion sighting was in the evening–it was sleeping on the road back to camp.

Neil and I love just driving through the bush and seeing small activities or big ones but haven’t very often seen ACTIVE lions! Love them just the same though. They don’t look that majestic when they are snoring fast asleep or lying on their backs with all 4 feet in the air on a hot day to cool off. However, looking at those 4 huge paws one can imagine that one not very hard slap from one of those could knock me into orbit. Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome pictures & blog. Happy New Year James & all at my favourite blog Londolozi

I must admit that I signed up for this blog for the lions. However, I have fallen in love with the leopards, elephants, and even the bird quizzes (as frustrating and challenging as they can sometimes be). Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of wildlife. Have a very happy new year.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great story!

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