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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Sunday Stories: Moved to Tears

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Wow thats a really amazing story thanks for sharing it James

Senior Digital Ranger

James, I hate to admit it, but you just moved me to tears. A great story. Thanks.

Must have been magical. Wish I was there.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh absolutely James, the bush is a haven for all sorts of big & small creatures. The wait is always better & more rewarding. I have been in Madikwe twice & on both I have been asked what do I want to see & my reply is whatever we see is fine with me!! 10 Wild Dogs chasing an Impala, Lion, Gemsbok & more on the 1st one & all of the Big 5 on the 2nd one every single day including Wild Dogs & Cheetah, not to mention all the birds!! Rush you see “things” but have no memories only what u have on camera 🙁 Thank you it also brought me to tears hearing that beautiful boy <3

Wow! Awesome blog. Had to laugh a bit, also got stuck last year in March while the Majingilane males took a wide berth (luckily) around us. Avoided the pink pouch, but had to pull another ranger out who got stuck while viewing the lions. Great adventure.

Master Tracker

Nice article, sometimes not doing anything and waiting for things to happen pays off but the guest has to be relaxed about it.
The reality is even in a place like Londolozi whilst certain sightings are likely they can never be guaranteed , this is why you should always appreciate the things you can see rather than worry what is over the ridge.
PS the place to really break down or get stuck is when you are watching a pride of lions

Digital Ranger

What a wonderful experience, from beginning to amazing end! Patience rewards every time. Being stuck in the mud at home vs. stuck in Africa…no contest. I would choose to be stuck there over not being there at all. I was blessed to have made a trip to ZA in 2013, and I teared up a few times every day! I totally understand.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sounds like a wonderful drive! I believe any time spent in the Bushveld to be time well spent. Of course hearing the roar of lions can only make the experience that much better!
Thank you for sharing..
think I will find a good lion roar or sawing leopard for a ring tone!

Kim Sams

Beautifully written!

Jill Grady

Thank you for this wonderful recount of such an emotional experience James. Your pictures are also really beautiful. The morning we spent following one of the Majingilane as he patrolled Londolozi and called out to his brothers as he went, was a very powerful, emotional experience that I will never forget. It is magical when you allow yourself to be in the moment and just breathe it all in…the bush will absolutely move you to tears. Thank you for sharing your story James and welcome back!

Mike J. Poremba

Wow, how amazing to be effected by the moment like that, and by one of the true monarchs of the wild. Can’t wait for my own moment, whatever and wherever it may be.

Brian C

Very well written. Your guests were treated to a moment they will never forget! Hope to see some more Sunday stories.

Great story, thank you! And, yes, very well written…I was right there! lol

A hundred percent true! Love it Jamo!

Kenneth MacLeod

Nice one James and Mike. Couldn’t bring myself to read about Nanga’s cub though, read the headline and hit delete, sorry.

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