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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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Fin Lawlor

Londolozi Ranger

Fin grew up in Johannesburg and began guiding in 2010. He has guided across South Africa, East Africa and the Amazon jungle in Brazil. Fin's primary interests are birds, tracking and developing a passion for photography.

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on The Week in Pictures #364

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Stunning pics this week Fin. Love the thunder storm and the rhino especially the cropped black and white.

Sounds like a fun week! Love the photo of the baby elephant amongst the legs of the adults and the photo of the saddle billed stork standing on the dead tree! And of course, any photo of lion cubs or leopard cubs makes me want to hop on the next plane! ? Thanks for sharing your photos from this ‘interesting weather’ week!

Master Tracker

Some cracking shots , keep up the good work

Thanks for the great photos. We were there in September, and I’m anxious to see water flowing in the Sand River and how Londolozi “greens up” after sufficient rains.

Thanks for the fantastic pictures of the week. Have a tattoo of a Purple Crested Turaco because the Trackers in Phinda named me Gwalla-Gwalla because of my purple hair!

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh Fin your pictures are stunning, but this time my favourites are the lightening strike & the Purple Crested Turaco, if you have one of its red wings while flying, I hope you will share it? Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend too

What an interesting selection of pictures, Fin! Thank you very much indeed. Love those baby ellies! And the one of the thunderstorm is excellent! We could do with so much more rain here in Gauteng. We are having very light showers every now and then and the temperatures here in Jhb are very high. Not as high as your 43 degrees though! Wendy M

I see that all sorts of exciting are awaiting us in January.Great to see so many lion and leopard cubs! Also can I get tour of the new kitchen! I want to learn to dance while cooking!?! Victoria

Excellent summation of the week, Fin. I can fully understand your excitement about the much needed rain. Everything alive benefits. Also I was pleased to hear that the Tsalala lioness is thriving, thanks to her mating. Let’s hope for offspring and that the pride will accept her when that occurs. Wonderful assortment of pictures as well!

Fabulous photos that are always a treat, thank you.

Hello Fin!
What an interesting week! Wounderful that the water has returned to the Sand River! I like your photo of the Purple-crested Turaco. I can understand why you like to take pictures of that bird! Beautiful and charming! Your photo is so artistic! The photo of Ingrid Dam is so good. One never knows who is behind the termite mound… Thank you for sharing!

Fin, Thanks for the fabulous shots! We loved the lightning image – Wow! Also the hidden young elephant is a real winner and we added it to our favorites. Thanks also for the lesson on the stork – we learned something new!

So so so happy to hear of the rain. I have been following weather in Skukuza and Hazyview…and saw several days of rain last week. Is the river still flowing? Amazing shot of the strom!

Great pictures. I will treasure the one of the storm, as that was taken on my 60th birthday when I was blessed to be there! And the baby elephants – yes, there were so many! I wish them long lives….

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