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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on What Can We See When No One’s Watching? Part 3

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Another amazing set of camera trap photos, didn’t even know Mellers mongoose occured in South Africa!!! And nice work with the honey badger family and the serval!

Wonderful images from the camera trap. The last one was leopard taking down a kudu?! Honey badger with baby is awesome. See you next week……

Master Tracker

Cracking shots of serval and honey badger. Alas no caracal

Hi James. Just LOOK what happens when no-one is around! It is quite amazing. Have enjoyed every shot from your camera trap but the Mother Honey Badger with Junior is my favourite. Have taken quite a few for my Screensavers. Cheers. Wendy M

I love these posts from the camera traps, so informative and interesting. I had never heard of a Serval before, such a beautiful cat! Oh and has Jess made it back to camp?? Hope so!

I’m simply amazed by the breadth of wildlife that calls Londolozi home! While the shot of the honey badger mom and baby is fabulous, the Ndzanzeni Young Male taking down the nyala is beyond amazing!

Good day, James,

That one-in-a-million photo of the young leopard catching the nyala ewe in the open still amazes me. Leopard are not to be underestimated – we had a 48″, 300 kg. kudu bull that was taken down by a male leopard 300 metres from my home.

I re-posted your kind comment and photo of Jess in a US forum. Being the US of A , 80% of the discussion was about how dare you and I hurt her feelings like that, and that shows just what kind of people we are. I told them that SA girls are not snowflakes, and a lady who carries a big bore rifle, training to be a guide and knowing how to use it if required will laugh with all her peers about being snapped in a camera trap and not whine about her photo being taken!

Kind regards and respect.


Wow! Great capture of the smaller animals. Love the mongoose and serval.

What animals are in the secret 7?

Hi Linda,
It’s the Aardvark, serval, porcupine, pangolin, african wild cat, civet and large spotted genet…

Thanks, James. Haven’t seen any of those, but there is always next time! We tracked an aardvark when we were there last week, and there was talk of putting a camera there. Do you know if that happened?

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