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I arrived at Londolozi on 1 st December 1998. I was a trainee ranger and I was green behind the ears. Londolozi became my family and my home. I left in 2005 and returned later that year to get married down in the ...

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on Falling In Love With Life Again

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Couldn’t agree more. There is a healing that occurs when a person reconnects with nature; everything that is Londolozi (the people, the design of the camps, the food, the flora and fauna) creates an environment for people to experience that reconnection.

What a lovely story, Oliver. I can feel your love of Londolozi and it’s leopards – as well as of Mish and life! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks Oliver! May you be rejuvenated ! Enjoyed reading the blog today.!

Oliver, your story is beautiful and inspiring. It’s apparent that you fell in love with the leopards of Londolozi in addition to the love of your life, Mish. May you continue to find beauty and solace in your yearly visits to the place that changed your life.

Such an amazing experience. We just left Londolozi – our fourth time since 2011! My favorite place?

My visit to Londolozi was a life-changing experience for me, but then I see that it’s a rather common reaction for most people.

Master Tracker

As Mary Beth has said what a wonderful story, I have grown to think that the best way to appreciate the sensory overload is to absorb the scene , appreciate it for what it is and realise that ,most people will never be as lucky as to see what you have seen.

Thank you Oliver, that is very moving. Yes, Londolozi is a very special place.

I am touched by your on-going life story that is filled with the various gifts that only Londolozi can give. What memories are held there, even a marriage, with wildlife pethaps peeking through at a distance and later claiming those very rocks as their resting place. Your images of leopards (my favorite) are stunning as well. Many thanks Oliver for your story and my best to your sharp-eyed Mish!

Senior Digital Ranger

“Mish says I become a different person when we are at Londolozi. My energy levels increase, my anxiety levels drop”……………Yep.

Just incredibble!!!

This is a beautiful, powerful story. I, too, feel healed every time I go to Londolozi. WWF just came out with a report: This, we, are the last generation that can save the animals and the planet, to have wild places in which to heal. I tell everyone: Go at least once to the African bush. Spend your money, every last dime if you have to, on eco-tourism, for making these animals more valuable alive than dead is one of the few ways to save them. Heal yourself and heal the world.

Lovely blog and special memories Oliver. Londolozi is a special place.

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