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Dave's story is too full and rich to tell in a brief blog bio. Suffice it to say that it is due to his passion, hard work and lifelong dedication to conservation that Londolozi is what it is today. One of the co-founders ...

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on Heritage Day 2018

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Beautifully written Dave. Nature is our heritage and we will all benefit by, as you wrote it’s simplicity.

Dave Varty, thank you for creating the world of Londolozi. Even more we thank you for having children who created the evolution to a more worthwhile way of appreciating so many of God’s creations.

Master Tracker

I wonder how many lodges would take the trouble to comment on National Heritage Day, and perhaps that is what makes Londolozi special

????beautifully presented and timely! Thank you

I am with you in spirit every day…..every single day?‼️

Joining with your countrymen in the US is something all Americans need to work at. The divisions we have have been here for many years including racism, fear of foreigners or just someone who is different. It is simply more visible due to our president. I have been very lucky to have traveled in a fair number of places in the world and always found, with few exceptions, that the majority of people are interesting and nice and want the same things for their families. If you give them half a chance you discover many things in common. In the U S i think one problem is fear of many things and people and changes. One of the thing we love about Londolozi is the feeling that you have gained even for a few days a family and that you are a welcome addition to the family.When we leave we are sad at leaving behind friends and relations. South Africa has had a much more difficult history to overcome. I hope they will continue to win. I expect this is a little disjointed thanks for your patience Victoria

Thankful for your continued vision and determination to create, not only a safe place for the animals and the ground they stand on, but for embracing all others in unity with a universal focus for the future. In truth, we all are on this journey together. Thank you, Dave!

Indeed, we share the longing and appreciate how blessed we are Dave

Thank goodness the world has passionate people like you to bring awareness of our wild beautiful diversity; wildlife and of our people. Blessings

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