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on A Crazy Sighting as Wild Dogs Bring their Puppies onto Londolozi

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Renias was our tracker probably 34 years ago when they had the trackers at the back of the vehicle with the light and with the cooler box within his reach – dare I say any more. Very happy he is still there. The cost per person was R135 per night!!!!!

Haha Sue the pricing has changed somewhat since then, but Renias is as good as ever. In fact way better!

We have been back when Waynne McClintock was a friend and when we had CC Africa points but it is way over our budget but just love the newsletter everyday.
Met Elmon when he was manager at Akeru Lodge for Waynne

Wow! Incredible sighting. And to top it the crowned hornbill flying past.

Hi Marinda,
(The hornbill was my personal highlight, but don’t tell anyone that!)

Lucky you!!! Great shots, too. Thank you!

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for the comments! Definitely very lucky!

Really enjoyed this.

More coming…!

Master Tracker

Even for a Londolozi ranger, that must have been the sighting of a life time. I would advise the guests not to enter the National Lottery in the foreseeable future as I think they have used up their luck

Hi Ian,
Yup, it was pretty spectacular!

AMAZING! What an outstanding viewing, so jealous but extremely excited that Bruce and his guests got to be there.

Hi Dan,
Wish I could say the same about Bruce, but he was blocking my shot, so….

How thrilling that was for all of you. The noisy frenzy after a kill by dogs is something one does not forget. Your chronicle proves that each day in the bush is an unknown entity and that is what makes a safari experience so special.

Absolutely Denise,
It’s the unknown that truly makes it exciting!

What an exciting morning! It’s always a wild ride with wild dogs but the addition of pups makes it even more thrilling! How old are the puppies? Are they are all the offspring of the alpha female? Are they likely to stay on Londolozi for awhile? I’d love to see them!

Oh my word! What a fantastic sighting ??

Hi Marianna,
It was brilliant. SO much acrion!

Hi Marianna,
It was brilliant. SO much action!

What a sighting! How many adults were in the pack in total? I might have missed that in the article.

Hi Lachlan,
Good observation as I don’t think I mentioned it. There were 8 adults there, so a total of 17 dogs.

Wow…very nice! Thanks for the extra info!

Senior Digital Ranger

How amazing! It would have been great to be there to see the puppies.

Hi Carolyn,
They were definitely the best part about the sighting!

How exciting, James! The pups would bring happiness enough, but the kill, the leopard and the fly-over by the Hornbill just topped off an extraordinary morning? All the images are great, but my favorite was the adult dog perfectly framed by the vibrant green foliage! Just wonderful.

Thanks Joanne,
That was definitely my favourite from the morning as well!

We were lucky enough to be with Fin and Innocent and watched all of the drama unfold. The atmosphere was electric. The dogs and pups were all around our vehicle, dragging ripped off bits of the carcass to feed on. My 8 and 10 year old boys – well all of us really – watched with great anxiety as the leopard tried to navigate her escape from the tree and the wild dogs. There was so much unfolding all at once, and no one could predict how it was going to turn out. Unforgettable.

Hi Genelle!
Brilliant! So glad you were there to witness it all!
Like you said, you never knew which way to look!

Hi James!
I love to read your blogreports from the bush! What a fantastic sighting!! Wish I had been there! Happy for you and the guests, rangers, trackers who was out this morning!! I think the pictures was wonderful!!

Hi Ann,

Thanks very much for the kind words. It was a pretty spectacular sighting!

On our very first Safari ever with Greg Pingo and Equalizer, we were blessed to see 12 Wild Dogs of the 120 in the 6 million acres of Kreuger National Park. What a sight and how fortunate we were. Perhaps these pups are from the parents we saw in late July.!

Dear James. In all our many years in the Bush on holidays – about 45 or so years – my husband, Neil, and I have NEVER seen Wild Dogs AT ALL. I have just gone a bright emerald green ….. Wendy M

James, Your post reminded us of one sighting on our last visit to Londolozi while riding with Nick, where a pack of dogs took control of an impala kill from a leopard and her cubs. The screaming of the dogs and voracity of their ravenous and quick devouring of the impala kill is too vivid and loud to even share with our friends!

Senior Digital Ranger

Such complex and intriguing animals. One of my absolute favorites. You are definitely a lucky man! Great photos and thank you for sharing them and the story. It’s nice to see such a large pack given their precarious status. Wow!

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