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Anderson 4:4 Male

Anderson 4:4 Male

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Wow, perfect stuff. Flat rock with a lot of dynamic, the photos a superb.

Stunning images Grant. Each one is special. Love the Thamba male and Flat Rock jumping over the river.

Digital Ranger

Grant, Great Shot of the Flat Rock male….you must be feeling very lucky. All the photos are fabulous …everyone takes me back to Londolozi. Thank you all.

Beautiful photos. That leap by the Flat Rock Male was amazing. And of course, the cubs are the cutest! The leopard is my favorite animal, so these photos were a real treat. Thanks, Grant!

Master Tracker

Like Marinda says, the Thamba male shot and the Flat Rock leopard jumping the river are superb.

Beautiful collection of leopard images, especially the leaping Flat Rock male. Were you in aperture priority ? Seems you had to boost the iso, perhaps for the light. Well done. Hoping November will be a good month for leopard sightings!! See you all then……

Brilliant images, Grant! #10 is my favorite too, but that shot of the wide-eyed Thamba male is mesmerizing! Love those Leopards of Londolozi!

Grant, These shots are just incredible! Even more amazing is that you saw all this over 6 short weeks. Wow, we can’t wait to come back to Londolozi!

Simply breathtaking photos! Do you shoot in shutter or aperture priority?

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for sharing these beautiful cats through your photos.

Breathtaking photos Grant! I agree that the the Thamba male’s wide wild eyes and the Flat Rock’s “Leap” are both stunning, but the visceral drama inherent in picture 6, where the Inyathini male makes off with that stolen, bloody carcass….very powerful!

All the photos are great but the one of Flat Rock male- “The Leaping Leopard” is just wonderful. Right place, right time!

All good Grant. Hopefully see you in 4 weeks.

Hard to beat your fabulous series of leopard images! One after the other are stunners and I am hard pressed to pick a favorite. Each are unique. Thanks, Bruce!

Senior Digital Ranger

When a Londolozi guide says it’s the best leopard viewing he’s seen in his career that’s saying something. As someone who’s seen Grant in action, he’s a very professional guide limiting his personal photographs to a couple of choice shots once or twice a game drive in a 5 second burst so I’m most Impressed with the results sir.

I love how each photo captures a unique aspect of each leopard – curious, agile, formidable. Well done. Still missing Londolozi.

Such an incredible range of images!!!!!!

My favourite has to be the Flat Rock Male leaping, although the first shot of him and Thamba Male’s intense stare are also exceptional!!!

Oh my goodness Grant, these are all fantastic! I do agree with you though, your capture of Flat Rock’s leap is absolutely gorgeous ??

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