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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on What Happens in an Hour at the Causeway?

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Wonderful photos! I enjoyed your descriptions of the various birds at the water also.

Thank you very much Darlene, I am glad you enjoyed it the photos and stories!

An hour at the causeway is a great idea! And I imagine you’d see different activity and wildlife at a different time of the day. Some fun images; I especially like the heron and hornbill shots!

Mary Beth you are absolutely right. Different times of day, temperatures and seasons provoke different animal behaviour. Glad you enjoy the shots!

In 8 visits to Londolozi and hundreds of game drives over 20 years of travel to Africa I have always wanted the perfect image of a crocodile. You have set the bar high with the image at the top of this blog.

Jeff thank you very much! It sometimes helps to get a different perspective and get creative, it may just open up something quite interesting!

Master Tracker

I spent almost a full morning on the causeway with Andrea Campbell and an afternoon on the causeway with Simon Smit. In the morning with Andrea I watched and photographed numerous kingfishers including one that caught a fish and dispatched from branch ten/twelve feet away. The afternoon with Simon was equally memorable and was one of my all time favourite drives, even though we went nowhere. Just having the patience (and the courage) to sit, wait and see what happens is amazing.

Ian, thank you for sharing your stories! I agree, patience is often the key to opening up the subtle beauties out here!

I love driving over the causeway. Your writing sound so exciting Bruce, and that is how it is when you aproach the causeway. If it is the bird life or the crocodile popping it’s head up next to you, there is always something interesting happening.

Marina, thank you very much for the comment, I am glad you were excited by the stories as you know what it is like to be on the causeway bursting with life!

Great captures, Bruce!

Thank you Michael!

Very interesting day for you and your guests. Your patience brought rewards. Love the images of the hornbills!

Thank you very much Joanne!

Digital Ranger

I loved reading this blog. Very beautiful photos

Thank you very much Sally, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Bruce. I REALLY so enjoyed all the very interesting pics from the Causeway this morning! Particularly loved the Grey Heron in flight. Impressive wingspan. The pic of the Yellow Billed Hornbill about to swallow that tiny insect is SO well timed. A Hornbill is definitely the “bringer of joy and laughter” to me when I am in the Bush. They are such clowns. Even the Southern Ground Hornbills are such characters with their beautiful long eye-lashes. At a previous game farm the early morning Bird Drive took off at around 05h00 and only later on noticed that one of the Southern Ground Hornbills was sitting on the back rail of the Landy going for a Bird Drive with them! I love all animals! Can watch them for hours. Wendy M

Wendy, thank you very much for sharing that story! Keep up that passion for animals, the world needs more like you! Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the photographs of the heron and hornbill.

Time spent in the bush, be it deep in the thickets or cruising the causeway usually yields some interesting animal action. Your images of the hippos and hornbills are terrific but I especially liked the armored crocodile-always good to shoot from angles different from the norm.

Thank you Denise, I am glad you like the crocodile armour photograph. I agree with you, it does not matter where you are, time spent out there always yields something new and different!

Just shows that good things come to those that wait! Stunning photos. Sebi really liked the armoured tail. Both children loved hearing your adventure.

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