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Hosana 3:3 Male

Hosana 3:3 Male

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Born in Cape Town, Alex grew up on a family wine estate in Stellenbosch. Spending much of his young life outdoors, Alex went on many a holiday into Southern Africa’s national parks and wild areas. After finishing high school, he completed a number ...

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on A Leopard, a Waterhole and a Herd of Impala

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Wow! Great action shots. Incredible experience.

Incredible sighting and amazing sequence of photographs Alex. Great to see more and more sightings of the Hosana male!

He’s a male leopard called Hosanna not the Hosana male, just putting that out there.

Fantastic pics!
The excitement of it

What an explosion of action! Your fabulous images tell the complete story from beginning to end. You even caught a image of Hosana in the middle of the frightened fray and expressively slinking away. The two hour wait was well worth the gift of a rare, lifetime memory. I’m very happy for you, Alex.

A fortuitous experience needless to say. What a great morning for you and your guests.

I’m interested to know what settings you made in anticipation of the encounter between the leopard and impala.
Perhaps the leopard’s inexperience led him to chase the impala into the muddy water – not a good idea for a big cat!!

Hosana, my favorite leopard…have watched him since he was 6 wks old on Safarilive. His sister,Xongile, has not been seen in a long time…the guides on SLive believe she is no longer living. So Hosana, needs to keep away from the Anderson male….because he needs to carry on his mother’s (Karula, Queen of Djuma) genes! Great photos….

Master Tracker

I think you should charge the guests extra for that type of experience (tongue in cheek)

Alex, What an amazing set of images! We can only imagine how your hearts were racing! Very exciting to have a new leopard in the mix!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a sighting! It is wonderful to see our young Hosana doing so well! Thank you for the update and the photos were fantastic!

Senior Digital Ranger

Magnificent pictures, Alex. One has to feel sorry for poor Hosana young male. He looked so disappointed and embarrassed. I know it’s anthropomorphism to say so, but who can prove it wrong!!

Wow Alex! What INCREDIBLE shots!! Well done! Wendy M

Love, love, love your photo Alex! I have several people interested in a copy and I have pm’ed you. Fantastic image of ‘our’ beloved leopard.

Digital Ranger

What a sight to see!! My fingers are crossed that I too will be able to see Hosana when I come in late October. He is one of my favorite leopards. Thank you for sharing this incredible story and pictures with us.

Amazing action shots

Love this boy! He looks totally frustrated. He will be something when he matures!

Great story and photos, Alex. Your patience for getting the photos surely matches that of the leopard waiting for a meal. You have proven the adage that patience is a virtue. Thanks, for the great reporting!

Such an unbelievable sighting and photographs!! Almost defies belief!

You at Londolozi are luck to have Hosana there. These are the kinds of moments he provided all the time at Djuma on Safari Live.

His name is just “Hosana” without the word “the” in front. It means Little Chief. Adding the word “The” in front of his name implies that he was named after a place called Hosana.

Hi Linda, a number of people have made the same comment.
At Londolozi we believe that to use too much of a pet name is to trivialize the animals’ wildness, which is why the names we give to our leopards are purely territorial references and have “the” in front of them.
It’s the way we have always done it and will continue to do so, but of course we respect other lodges’ choices to name the leopards on their properties in different ways.


Thanks for the response. I understand. ?

Fantastic pictures – really show off the qualities of the D850!

Wow, Alex, that made me sit on the edge of my chair just reading it! And your photos are phenomenal! Thanks for starting my day off right!

At present Hosana Male Leopard is back on Djuma where he was born, sharing his father, Tingana Male Leopard’s territory with him. All the while, he’s providing incredible sightings, as he seem to be permanently camped out at the small dam where there’s a camera set up. He’s been filmed regularly interacting with his father Tingana, his sister Thandi Female Leopard as well as her nine month ago daughter Tlalamba.

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