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on A Glimpse of Hope for the Tsalala pride

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We were fortunate to watch the Tsalalas kill a young Nyala a few years ago. The youngsters got into it first. The fighting and snarling was hectic. Is the 6 year old female that is missing the daughter of the sister of the tailless female?

Who are the fathers of the Tsalala prides sub adults isn’t it the Matimbas

Hi Ramone,

Yes it’s the Matimbas


James. Have you had any sightings of the Matimba Males? I heard they are not in best condition now.

Ethan our last sighting was a while ago.
I believe they have been spending time to our south on Sabi Sabi. I’m afraid I don’t know what sort of condition they’re in.

Brilliant sighting and video!! A perfectly executed hunt with a possible family reunion!! Really hope that they do rejoin, would make sense (in terms of survival odds). And very interested to hear about the missing lioness and her cub!!

Sean, What an awesome sighting! What a wild feeding frenzy! Everyone is friendly until there’s food on the table! 😉
Thanks for the update – hoping the pride can stay strong and treunite!

How exciting to have an unexpected front seat to a kill and the ensuing fight for a tidbit to sustain life. Great way to close a day at Londolozi.

I can hardly stand the suspense of these sisters!!!! Great blog! I am riveted!!!

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