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Growing up in Cape Town, the opposite end of South Africa from its main wildlife areas, didn't slow Callum down when embarking on his ranger training at Londolozi at the start of 2015. He had slowly begun moving north-east through the country anyway, ...

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on A Tribute To A Great Man and Life-Long Friend

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Lovely bloģ Callum. We had Freddy as a tracker with Tally many years ago. A pity that you are leaving soon. We are visiting the end of November. Still remember the great times we had together when you were a trainee ranger.

Thanks very much for your message Miranda. Have a great trip at the end of the month.

Thanks Callum. Good luck in your new venture.

I am blind and My first visit to the bush was absolutely life changing with Freddy and Shaun.
I could always hear the smile in freddy’s Voice. I’m forever grateful. Shaun never did let me drive… good thing I will be back soon enough.

What an inspirational story Shawn. Freddy really is a remarkable man that has touched many peoples lives. Enjoy your next visit!

A beautiful tribute to what I gather to be an incredible man! Sorry to hear that you’ll be leaving Londolozi next month, loved your photos of leopards!

Thank you very much Callum. I will certainly miss Londolozi and all it entails!

Callum, what a lovely tribute to your good friend and sidekick. I’m sure your takeaway from Londolozi will forever be linked to the life lessons and joyful moments shared with Freddy. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt sentiments and all the best to you.

Thank you for your message Denise. It most certainly will live with me forever and I look forward to sharing future moments with him.

Callum, we will miss you and your infectious smile! Even though “birding” may have been a challenge, we saw that your dancing with the Village Choir was a standout achievement! Hope to see you sometime in the US. You are always welcome here!

Thank you for your message Terri and Michael. Hopefully I can impress you with my dancing ability next year in the States. I will certainly be in touch especially if I am in and around Sarasota. Thank you for your kind offer!

When my husband John Fain and I were at Londolozi in June 2017 (thanks Klauber’s #GCCCafrica), we had no concept as to the beauty and life-changing experience we would have. Much of that was because of Freddy and Callum – knowledgeable – both gents were able to inform our merry band of #Londoloonies about the animals, the nature and yes – the birds (Callum – you’ll learn how to pronounce “BILL” someday… HA!); they showed us all SO MUCH… we were truly amazed at how close we were able to get to such amazing animals; and we shared many a drink and laughs!
Thanks so much to YOU BOTH for a trip we will never forget.
Best wishes to you Callum on your next life adventure – we hope to see you in Florida someday.

Many thanks for your heartfelt message Angela. It was a real pleasure to meet John and yourself (and the rest of the Londoloonies) and I hope to be in contact with you guys next year! I am glad that both of us were able to have that significant impact on your trip. See you next year sometime!

Will miss our morning banter at my next visit, Callum! Seen Camp Pan recently?!!

I know you want believe me but we manage to see Camp Pan, Marthly male and Tu Tones last week! 😉 Take care Mary Beth and hopefully Nick lives up to his reputation next time you visit!

Senior Digital Ranger

Yes, we were also privileged to have Freddy as our Tracker with Tally – what a team! Wishing you well on your journey Callum and knowing you will never forget the Londolozi experience – outstandingly special as a visitor and imagine it must have been the most amazing working and learning experience.

Thank you Jennifer. It was truly an amazing experience and most certainly difficult to try and follow in Talley’s footsteps.

What a wonderful tribute to a man who must deserve every kind word of your praise! I am sure he is a brilliant and lovely man!

He most certainly is Darlene. Thank you for your message.

Stay one more month. I was looking forward to marshmallows in my morning hot chocolate in December. You know how much I love Freddy and you. Wonderful tribute to him. Mahalo from Gogo aka Tutu in Hawai’i.

Thanks for your message Judy. I am sure Freddy’s new ranger will have the marshmallows packed and ready for your arrival. Have a wonderful stay and take care of yourself.

Magical Magical Magical – The words you uttered at every incredible sighting and describes perfectly the chemistry between you and Freddy. We were lucky to have you both lead us on the journey of a lifetime. We will never forget Callum and Freddy standing on the top of the jeep waving goodbye as our plane departed.

Leopard Leopard Leopard! Thanks for your message Mike. I guess you were lucky that we hung around to wave goodbye, it was good to see the back of you guys! 😉 I will update you as to my plans for next year as soon as I know them. It will be magical to meet up again. Take care of those knees! 😉

Senior Digital Ranger

What a wonderful tribute to this great man! I am also very sad that you are leaving this amazing place, but I wish you luck in your new adventures & hope one day to see the pictures you are going to take? Enjoy your last few days at Londo

Thank you for your kind words Wendy.

A really nice blog Callum. Sad that you are leaving Londolozi, but wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. I had tears in my eyes reading your remarks about Freddy. An extremely nice gesture on your part to praise him – so many people in this world do not get the adulation they truly deserve. I am sure Freddy will miss you, but hope that you both stay in contact. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thank you very much Leonie. He most certainly deserves all the praise he gets! We will most certainly stay in touch and would love to take him to the US next year to help with some tracking in Yellowstone or Yosemite National Parks.

Quite a heartfelt tribute to Freddy.In life,the people who hold us down are very significant,their smiles when we see them ever time are greatest treasures of hope that we slowly cultivate in our hearts and minds.You are a good friend Callum,Great are those who don’t cut the hands that feed and hold them through difficult and good times.Very sad that you are leaving Londolozi,i will surely miss your pictures and blogs,go and return well. Londolozi is home.

Thanks for your message Eulalia! He really has had a significant impact on not only my time at Londolozi but how I perceive myself as a man.

What a lovely blog. Freddy is without a doubt one of this planets most precious humans. He is so knowledgeable and patient! He has a great sense of humour and keen to pass his knowledge on if you are genuinely interested. He would “test” me every morning and his gentle ways with a cheeky smile would win me over every drive we had! I cant wait to see you soon Freddy- your trainee has been studying!

Thank you for your message Sam. That is one of my favorite moments with him when he would take the guests on a tracking test! I will advise him to make the tests a lot more challenging for you! 😉

Our best wishes to you Callum for this next episode in your life. You and yours will do well–you have the drive!
When we returned to Londolozi for the 3rd time this year, we never anticipated that the visit could ever be better than previous ones. Thanks to the outstanding partnership between you & Freddie-we had the most incredible experience of all. (Wild dogs within the first 15 minutes: surrounded by lions at the airstrip during the last hour.)
Your tribute to Freddie is so well-deserved. He is an outstanding individual and father–gracious, knowledgeable, generous, humble. ( I also share parts of his last name!) He will miss you as you will him. We are grateful to have shared time with both of you!

Thanks you so much Vin. It was a pleasure to meet you and I am so glad that we were able to contribute significantly to your stay. I guess there is a lot of pressure on the ranger next time you visit. Take care and all the best!

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