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Alistair guided at Londolozi from late 2016 to late 2017. Despite only a short stint here, he made a great impression on the guests he drove and formed a great bond with tracker Euce Madonsela. His photography is excellent, and is a passion ...

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on My Very Best Images: A Final Farewell

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Stunning images Alaister. Wishing you luck and all of the best in your new venture. Looking forward to see many more of your images on Instagram.

Hi Marinda. Thank you for those kind words. I appreciate you following my journey so closely, and I look forward to sharing many more images with you.

Stunning images. I’m sure your decision to move on was a difficult one, but nothing ventured is nothing gained. All the best to you in your new position. You, your spirit and camera will be a wonderful addition.

Hi Denise. That’s incredibly humbling thank you. I truly appreciate it.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh Alistair this is sad news as your images always made me long for the bush & its offerings! Your video is outstanding & yes as I may have said before your pictures are really stunning & I hope that we “us” bloggers will be able to keep track of your gems in the future?? Thank you. Good luck & safe travels 🙂

Hi Wendy. It is sad indeed. But, the closing of one chapter means the opening of another. You can indeed continue to follow my journey on my personal Instagram page. I’d love to continue sharing my images with you.

Congratulations on the new venture Alistair! Extremely jealous that you are taking the plunge into professional wildlife photography and looking forward to seeing more of your stunning images!

Hi Dan. Thanks very much. It’s so exciting to be following a true passion, and be fortunate enough to call it my profession. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

We’ll miss your evocative images, Alistair! Much luck in your life adventures ahead…

Thank you so much Mary ?

All the Best!! Thank you for these they are magnificent!!

Thanks Laura ?

Thank you for these beautiful pictures. They are breathtaking. Best wishes to you and am looking forward to more of your photos in the future.

Many thanks Mary. Very kind words. Please continue to follow my personal journey.

What a fabulous series of photos! We can hardly wait for January and our visit. You are as always an incredible adventure. Victoria

Thank you Victoria. Have an amazing time in January, as I am sure you will. Thanks again.

Some amazing shots and especially great ones of the big cats. Wishing you all the best!

Thank you so much ?

Master Tracker

Super photos, all the best for the future

Thanks Ian. Much appreciated ?

how wonderful to have those beautiful images and memories of a very special place. Enjoy your photography!!

Hi Gillian. Thanks so much. Truly appreciate it.

Hi Alastair what’s your Instagram name so I could follow you? Gillian

Senior Digital Ranger

all the luck and thank you for the great pictures!

Thank you Dina. Much appreciated

Fly high young man. You have earned your wings. You have a gift and a passion that needs to be nurtured. I have no doubt that your next adventure will be nothing short of amazing. I only hope that our paths will cross again one day. Be well. (And the photos are great too)

Hi Dawn. Wow. Thank you so much. Humbled by those words. I hope we do meet up in the future. Thank you so much.

Senior Digital Ranger

I found the Londolozi blog just as you began as a Ranger there. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts and am sad they are coming to an end. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and images with us. I wish you the very best wherever your future may lead.

Hi Carolyn. Thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure sharing my images and memories with you. Thanks for following.

Stunning photo gallery there, and some of those have to be in my top 10 images from the Londolozi blog (including the lion/rhino interaction and the leopard crossing the river (can’t remember which male it was)). Looking forward to seein what the future holds for you. It definetly seems like you had an absolutely exceptional range of experiences at Londolozi, some of them defying belief!! Thanks for all of the incredible posts

Also loved the Piva male in the grass, the male lion shaking his mane, the barred owlet and the elephants eye!

Loved all the photos. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a privilege it has been to share in your stay at Londolozi. I am sure that your future will be filled with adventure and gorgeous photography. I look forward to seeing them on instagram. Thank you and may your dreams become reality.

Alistair – wonderful images, especially the giraffe with it’s young one. How beautiful! Wishing you all the very best with your new career. I hope it all goes well.

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Erika (Expert Clipping Team)

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