Involved Leopards

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Spotted this leopard?
You've seen this leopard

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on Three Things About a Tuesday That You’ll Never Experience in the City

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Amazing experience Amanda. It is always the best things in life that don’t happen too far from your doorstep. Sad about the female cub. Lovely to see the elephants together with the leopards. Were they just inquisitive as the staff were?

Lovely to hear from you again, Marinda! The Ellies were really not phased at all by the leopards, and simply kept feeding up and down the riverbed. It was amazing to watch!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, definetely trust your gut!! This is why I’ve wished I was in the bush instead of the city innumerable times!!

Thank you for the comment, Callum! Even though you can’t be here every afternoon, we hope that the blog each day connects you with the wilderness… even if just for a few minutes.

Pleasure Amanda!! I wish I was there every afternoon!! Haven’t been to the bush in 2 years, I’m getting serious withdrawal symptoms! These blogs are a godsend for me! You’re right, they really connect me with the wilderness and with all your experiences. Thank you!

What a fantastic experience Amanda. Lovely blog and thanks for sharing with us. You are living in a beautiful place and I so envy you.

Thank you Leonie, I totally agree, and am very grateful for this beautiful place we live in!

This and so much more is why we keep coming back to Londolozi year after year after year.

Thanks Jeff! Hopefully the leopards will be on point the next time you visit us 🙂

I would rather watch growling leopards than sitting in traffic.. your spot on.

Agreed! You’ll have to come and visit and experience a Tuesday afternoon like this soon!

We love that we never know what will happen next when we are at Londolozi! Thanks for the great post Amanda! Safari dreams!

It is the best thing about safari, Michael! Around every corner is something new… Hope you and Terri are well!

Wow, I just saw this! What an exciting run you had, Amanda! I watched the video in awe. Completely unperturbed by the elephants, those two mated–I love nature! Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry I am behind on my ‘mail’, so this comment comes a little late!

Thanks so much for the comment, Darlene. It was quite an exciting afternoon. Glad we could share it with all of you!

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