Have you ever had a niggling suspicion that there’s more to life? That a purpose and greater sense of fulfillment are waiting for you? Answering that calling, whispering within you, is what it means to Live Guided.

Talley Smith is a prime example of someone who has done this. She visited South Africa many years ago and on her first safari, upon seeing her first leopard, knew she couldn’t return to the corporate world and nine to five finance job.

She left the comforts of her life behind and followed the feeling to the Mecca of leopards: Londolozi. Here, she has been tracking her passion for guiding guests into the wilderness ever since. Eleven years on, Talley is living proof that Londolozi is a place you come to when you want to realise the most authentic version of yourself.

Talley gave up screens for horizons, she gave up surety for adventure and she gave up everyone else’s story to find her own. In doing this, she has brought herself to her whispering wild life. We invite you watch this mini-documentary, which shares Talley’s story of Living Guided…

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James Tyrrell

Photographic Guide/Media Team

James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills were well developed, and he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team as a result. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the photographic skills ...

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on Live Guided: Answering A Calling

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Michael & Terri Klauber

Wow, what a wonderful, inspiring story. It’s taken 10 minutes to collect my thoughts… The concept of “live guided” and trusting your heart and the challenges that go with it comes through beautifully in the video. Congratulations Talley and thank you for sharing your story! Kudos to the media team for presenting such a wonderful video!

Patricia Johnson

My first trip to Londolozi, Tally was my guide. She is one of the reasons I keep coming back to this magical place of people and animals. I was privilege to see the magnificent 7 my first two outings with Tally. Thank you Tally and Freddy, I hope to see you again in November.

Francis Jacobs

Good for you, cousin. A truly lovely story.

Denise Vouri

What an amazing story and well produced video highlighting Talley’s change of course in her life. There are many of us in the world that set off on a course we believe is the correct one, only to realize that it can leave an empty feeling at the end of the day. It takes guts and bravery to let go of the comfortable known and seek that which will fill your heart with satisfaction and joy. It’s obvious she’s found and acted on her passion and kudos to her for going where few go in terms of a career. Thank you all for sharing her journey.

Marinda Drake

Great video. We all have something of Africa inside of us. You can never realy leave.

Jeff Rodgers

Beautifully done. Does Talley still do guiding?

James Tyrrell

Hi Jeff,
She does, although not as full time as she used to. Managing the field team takes up quite a bit of time as you can probably imagine!

Irene Nathanson

Thank you for sharing and for following your heart. The video is so captivating as well. How many of us truly take that chance and follow our hearts. Bravo Tally for your perseverance Londolozi and all you work with are blessed to have you. If I truly followed my heart I would have done the same thing after my first visit but for now I’ll just keep coming back for my yearly visit

Ryan James

Thanks for sharing your story Talley. And ‘go you’ for the having the courage to follow your dreams!

Susan Strauss

Wow…so beautifully told Talley. I am also feeling that pull from life and South Africa; so curious to see each track emerge. And, I love that I saw my first leopard in the wild with you. #mashabalove

Charlotte Ridley

“To Live Guided is to follow that something inside of you that’s calling”…I will keep that statement close to heart; to keep focussing on our eventual return to Africa.

Callum Evans

One incredibly heartwarming story. “Live guided’ has already started to teach me a number of things too.

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