We have all heard  the whisperings of a wilder life. But few of us have even considered  where we would go if we did heed the call.

Have you ever thought what would happen if you said yes to the promise of adventure?

The Londolozi family are people who have chosen to live life differently. They have answered a call to nature. A call to the wild and an adventurous life and by doing this they are mapping the landscape of the unknown to show others the way. They are storytellers of the wilderness. Constantly following the tracks into an ever-unfolding mystery.

Out here we track more than animals, we also track a feeling.

At Londolozi our guiding team has the collective experience of 150 years, underpinned by the innate wisdom of 200 years of tracking. Woven into this is a deep understanding of this land, her animals and the ancient Shangaan way.

This knowledge and wisdom means we are artists of experience when it comes to safari. But it also means we are people who ask the question, what does it mean to Live Guided?

Does it mean visiting Londolozi and tracking one of her shy cats with a traditional Shangaan tracker or does it mean mapping shooting stars in the night sky with an expert guide? Does it mean answering the beat of an African drum with a joyous dance or listening to the quiet whisperings of trees? Or does it mean taking the bold step to the next big track in your life?

Ultimately only you can decide how you choose to Live Guided?

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Rich Laburn

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Rich is the driving force behind Londolozi’s online storytelling and the Londolozi blog. His passions of digital media, film and photography, combined with his field-guiding background, have seen him take the Londolozi blog to new heights since he began it in 2009. Rich ...

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Just fabulous!

Dave Mills

Wow. What a presentation. Londolozi really does have everything: land, animals, fabulous guides and trackers, huge-hearted staff, marvelous food, exceptional lodging, Kate and GWF, and . . . television production. Can’t wait to return to South Africa and Londolozi


good to see James !!


So enjoyable to watch. Nothing better than Nature & Wildlife to bring one down to Earth!


Fantastic blog rich. Although I shall never visit Londolozi, I am really in awe of the philosophy of the place and how you are all one big family. You all fit together like one big jig saw puzzle. Beautiful, thank you.


One of the joyous aspect of life is waking up everyday and doing what you like and enjoy most !! Since I was a young boy, I always dreamed of working in the Bush, being around Animals, surrounded by mountains, unfortunately, due to limited means, I never got to realize that dream, but at 32, i still have not lost hope that one day, I shall quit the finance field and HEED FOR MY TRUE CALL. Thanks to articles such as this one, they always bring us closer to the Bush. Thank you Rich.

Susan Strauss


Thando Masiko

Nothing is as beautiful as capturing the wildlife at it’s nature. I love it! Amazing work guys. One day I shall be part of that breathtaking production.

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