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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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Lovely blog. Reading it bring back so many memories. We also saw a leopard “hiding” in a sausage tree. A baboon eating the fruit. Impala eating the flowers. One of my favourite trees.

Hi Marinda. The sausage tree truly does attract a wide variety of life! I’m glad this brought back some good memories.

Loved this!

Great writing. Your blog took me back to when I saw my first “sausage” tree, and marveled at the number of animals that call this tree their nourishment or hiding place. Your concentration on connection and what it means in the bush, and ultimately the carryover to humans is an important thought for all to contemplate. We are not alone and can only survive if we seek and acknowledge our connection to the universe.

You are so right Denise. We are not alone and we rely on all forms of beings in order to survive.

Hi Denise and Leonie. Sometimes it takes a few quiet moments out here in the bush, or wherever one is in the World, to become aware of these subtle yet important connections. Thanks for your kind words

I felt this interconnection with nature for the first time in my life on my visit to Londolozi. It has stayed with me since – I view the world differently – and our place within it, as a result. A sense of perspective and gratitude for nature. Thanks Londolozi!

Hi Jodi. That is wonderful to hear. We hope to see you at Londolozi again to refresh that feeling of perspective and gratitude!

I sit here & look at the leopard sitting next to the vehicle.. imagining its “presence” & wishing i will one day see something special.. Then again.. every small puzzle is unique & part of the bigger puzzle. That is why building puzzles is not for the hasty i guess..

Hi Gawie. We are very privileged to witness moments like the one captured in that image of the leopard next to the vehicle. Keep an eye out every day for those magical moments of joy wherever you may be! Hopefully one day you will be the one sitting in the vehicle in the presence of a majestic leopard

Such an awe-inspiring blog post, love it!

Thanks Marlin!

A really beautiful blog Pete. Loved the focus on connectivity. I have never been to Londolozi, but if I ever was able to travel to Africa, I would choose Londolozi to experience the comraderie, the good work you do in protecting your magnificent animals and helping the kids to learn. Sounds to me like heaven on earth. Thank you.

An absolute pleasure, Leonie. Please do come and visit this little ‘heaven on Earth’ one day, so that we can share this all with you!

A beautiful post that could not be more true! Every day I hear about some way that elements of the natural world interact with each other and how one specific species of orchid can only be pollinated by one bee, or how giant tortoises on the Galapagos create new habitats for plants and insects by flattening vegetation. There are so many lessons that we can learn from nature, we just need to pay attention.

Also loved that photo of the encounter with the Piva Male, absolutely brilliant!

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