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Kylie Jones

Photography Manager

Being someone who loves the bush, people and photography Kylie has found her way to her dream job in the Londolozi Studio. Despite completing her Humanities Degree, she felt unsatisfied and found herself drawn to doing a wildlife photography course. Being both creative ...

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on Beginner’s Guide to Lightroom: Part 2

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Amanda Ritchie
Marketing Manager

Very informative post, and simply explained. Thanks for sharing!

Jeff Rodgers

Thank you for making what appears to be complicated . . . very easy to understand.

Shirlee Cunningham

I am glad you are doing these mini lessons. I have written before seeking to understand how the photos are accomplished that show leopards defined only by their spots and eyes in totally white backgrounds are created PLUS how are the opposite photos (often of lions with large dramatic manes) of portraits of big cats and so on in chiraschuro, i.e. a black background lighted just right to show the eye and part of the lion in the dark. Both are unnatural and created it seems in photoshop….the question is how? When I visited Londolozi there was not studio and folks displaying such work. Would appreciate the info. Thanks so much.

Amanda Ritchie
Marketing Manager

Hi Shirlee

The effect that you are looking at is definitely a result of editing (either in Lightroom or Photoshop). The most common way to do this is to use an adjustment brush and either burn (darken) or dodge (lighten) the background. It can be a very effective way of editing a photograph.

Check out these links for a few more Lightroom tutorials to watch and follow:


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