I always say that editing a photograph is like moulding a piece of clay. You start with a raw product- something that has the potential to be great. All the makings are there. You then decide on what you want your final product to be, and you start to sculpt. You tweak and you prod. You use light to trick the eye into landing on a certain point, and you provide a pathway for they eye to travel in order to tell your story.

Today’s Lightroom Tutorial is based on my favourite part of the software- the adjustment brush. Once you understand how it works, and what the capabilities are, the sky really is the limit. You can be creative and accurate all at once, and you can really produce a work of art by using the palette of adjustment settings to sculpt an incredible photographic story. 

I hope that you enjoy this next instalment in my Lightroom tutorial series.

P.S. Doc Watson- this tutorial is for you!

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Amanda Ritchie

Creative Hub Manager

Amanda joined the Londolozi team early in 2015 and immediately took the Londolozi Studio to an exciting new level. Her unflappable work ethic and perfectionism are exemplary, and under her guidance the Studio has become one of the busiest areas on Londolozi. The ...

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on Lightroom Tutorial 3: The Adjustment Brush
    Trevor Patrick says:

    Love visiting the Londos media centre! The team are wonderful and there is such a buzz… astonishing to see such modern technology in the middle of the African bush

    Amanda Ritchie says:

    Thanks Trevor. So glad that you enjoyed your visit! We are very proud of our Creative Hub, and it gives the team much joy that ur guests enjoy coming up to visit us.

    Helen Shaw says:

    Amanda, great tutorial! Really has helped me begin to get to grips with Lightroom. Looking forward to the next instalment.

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