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Sean is one of the humblest rangers you are likely to meet. Quietly going about his day, enriching the lives of the many guests he takes out into the bush, it is only when he posts a Week in Pictures or writes an ...

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on The Journey to an Imagined Image

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Jill Larone

Sean, now THOSE are stunning images (both coloured and the monochrome)!! Well worth the failed attempts (easy for me to say) and all the patience (and skill) you demonstrated, just waiting for the right moment. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images!

Sharon Blackburn

Wonderful story, Sean! Applicable not only to photography, but to life, as your last insightful sentence illustrates – “Questioning, exploring and dreaming; this is how we chase ourselves, around and around, until we can dream some more.” Dream, imagine, work, persevere, work, fine-tune, work some more and… achievement. Repeat.

Barbara Weyand

I so enjoyed the early morning rides with you and Robbie when my husband and I visited Londolozi in June. My attempts at safari photography resulted in several great photos of the four leopard sightings we shared. Again, many thanks for my first safari experiences. We hope to return with friends to Londolozi. And, I enjoy the blogs you and your compatriots post daily as the perfect way to relive all of the beauty and excitement of the bush.
Warm wishes in the New Year to you and your Londolozi friends.

Kim Jacobson

Well done…..fabulous end result !!

Wendy Hawkins

Oh Sean I smile at this blog! How many times I have taken pictures & they are either blurred or over exposed, so now I feel better seeing a pro like you post these, there is hope for me 🙂 Thank you

I think this photo is stunning Cress! It’s the difference between taking photographs and making photographs.. Super cool!

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