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Being surrounded by wilderness from a young age, you experience it in all of its essence. Matt was privileged enough to grow up in the Lowveld and its surroundings, sparking a great love for nature and all it has to offer, be it ...

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on Why Are My Photographs Blurring?

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Great tips Matt.

Thank you Marinda!

Matt, very informative. Loved the video you included

Glad to hear you Enjoyed it!

Nice tutorial on one of the most misunderstood core principles of photography. Also, it is our experience that Londolozi’s ranger/guides are knowledgeable and instructive photography specialists. Each seems to have a passion for photography and typically position the vehicle in the perfect location for exceptional photographs.

Master Tracker

Ah camera shake , I always try to set the min shutter speed to that of the length of the lens, but always feel happier when the speed is higher than length of the lens. So a 200 millimetre lens should be shot using 1/200th of a second, but I would always be happier at 1/250th or 1/400 of second

Since my husband is the one taking the pictures, I gave him the blog to read. He said he found it very helpful. I am the one so busy watching everything that I forget to take photos. Victoria

Good article – always important to be reminded of the exposure triangle. Many of are so excited to see our favorite animals and in our haste to shoot, forget to adjust settings for the lighting and the shutter speed. I know many people shoot in aperture priority and auto iso, but I’ve found those settings can be unreliable in the Bush.

I noticed a gimbal on the edge of the Rover- I wasn’t aware they were available for guests’ use. I did use an umbrella pod on my trip there last year and it worked most of the time but a gimbal would be nice for some occasions. I guess I’ll bring mine for my trip there next March…..I love photographing and always look forward to learning and improving.

Thank you for sharing!!

Sometimes the moment gets the best of us! Looking forward to having you back!

Matt, Thanks for your tips and the video. We will use it to help some of our beginner photographers use your simple presentation to get the best shots on our next safari at Londolozi!

You are most welcome, keeping it simple is the best way to approach it, thereafter intuition takes over! Looking forward to seeing you at Londolozi!

That’s wonderful.

I’ve never tried panning before, that’s one technique I’m nervous of trying.

Its quite daunting thinking that you might only have one shot at it when a leopard is on the move, or scaling a tree. But there are many other subjects for us in everyday life to practice on before coming on safari.

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