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Amy worked at Londolozi from 2014 to 2017, guiding full time before moving into the media department, where her photographic and story-telling skills shone through. Her deep love of all things wild and her spiritual connection to Africa set her writing and guiding ...

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on World Lion Day: A Tribute to the King of the Beasts

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Don and Pam Cornutt

Amy and Andrea. Incredible pictures here. What a great pic of Big Black! Thanks so much.

Mike D

nice piece. With so much worldwide attention on the plight of lions, this lion day has special significance. So many people across the globe have much more insight into the horrors of illegal trophy hunting and poaching though many are not aware of the wide array of other threats to lions or just how few there are left in the wild. I still see zero benefit to legal lion hunting in any area given their current numbers and the disruption it causes to their social structure. I love to hear and see the amazing stories of these incredible lions and other animals that reside in Londolozi. I have not previously heard stories about Big Black. He looks impressive. I would love to hear more about him.

Lizeka Masilela

How I so wish that this so called ‘legal hunting’ could be abolished. The reason being that in the near future we will be without the endangered animals, esp. dear lions. Please save our King of the Jungle.

Brian C

This was a very timely blog. It is sad to see the dramatic decline in lion population. I think habitat deprivation/depletion is an even worse problem than illegal hunting. How to solve this? I wish I knew. So many animals are in trouble. What you all do day-to-day is awesome.

Jill Grady

Great blog and pictures Amy and Andre and wonderful, informative video Rich. Hopefully there will be a day soon, when there is no longer any poaching or trophy hunting and these beautiful animals will be left to live their lives without human interference.


Great Blog and video – so enjoyed!

Phillip Dials

I love the blog & the majingilani video is awesome.


Why weren’t the Mapogos mentioned here? Im disappointed since the Mapogos are the biggest SS legends in recent memory, and also controlled Londolozi for a long time. Btw can anyone give any info on the Big Black stories?

James Tyrrell
Photographic Guide/Media Team

Hi John,
Thanks for your comment.
The Mapogos most certainly deserve a mention, but the post was more about lions in general rather than individual prides or coalitions. As the Londolozi blog and creative hub only really kicked off in 2009, right at the end of the Mapogo’s reign, most of our material is on more current lions, and the main reason why the Majingilane get so much coverage.
As for the Big Black stories, we are currently working on some Big Black material, so watch this space…

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