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Simon boasts almost five years of guiding, two of them at Londolozi. His photographic work was already catching the eye of the team here for a long time before he joined the reserve, and he was asked to contribute to the blog literally ...

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Jill Grady

He’s a really beautiful Leopard Simon, and such incredible eyes! I really love the Marthly male and the Camp Pan Leopards though, so I hope they are still at Londolozi for some time to come yet.

Matthew Berlanti

I think it a fair bet that we will see him south of the river in short order. He is primed to drift further into held territory, and unless a fierce challenge is mounted, he will claim whatever he chooses. What a fellow he is! I’m just in heaven what with the new leopard dynamic taking hold here. See all of you shortly!

marinda drake

Interesting shift in the leopard dynamics. I agree with Jill, still love Camp Pan.

John McCabe

How much does the Marthly male weigh?

Brian C

The last shot really shows the striking orange eyes of the Gowrie male (one of my favorites). I am hoping we see some orange eyed cubs soon!
I never really thought about it, but there does seem to be this tremendous territorial push from north to south with these strong male leopards. Why is that? Desire for territory along the Sand River? There’s even a couple of guys to the north of Gowrie male trying to pressure him (Tingana and possibly Anderson male– the latter is son of the old, enormous Emswagen male). In 3 or 4 years will they all end up acquiring territory on Londolozi? What will the younger males like Vomba Young Male, Nanga Young Male or even Tu Tones or Makothini have to say about this? Camp Pan and Marthly Male are not getting any younger. Could be very interesting in the next couple of years.

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