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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on Flying Leopards: A Dream Sighting

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Senior Digital Ranger

good for you all!!
Warm regards, Guido, Dina

LOVED these photos! But I especially loved the build up to the actual river crossing! The excitement was evident in your words. I know how that feels. I also know some days persistence pays off and other days it doesn’t pan out! Patience is vital in the Bush. Thanks for sharing this incredible sighting, James!

Wow James! What a fantastic sighting for you, Rich and your guests. Really nice photos captured it all!!

Wow! A dream sighting indeed James. I am definitely adding to my bucket list. Dreams do come true.

Hi James. And all that time spent in the hot sun for hours and the leopards just happening to fill your Bucket of Joy didn’t have a clue what they were doing for James Souchon!! If they had, they might never have co-operated on purpose. Cats are like that. Wendy M

Simple comment- Wow, what a fabulous day you experienced coupled with super action photos!!

Wow! What amazing sightings! Leapin’ Leopards are sure on my bucket list – maybe in 2020!

Souchon! What a fantastic experience! I can just imagine the whole afternoon and what a special time that was. I will have a big smile on my face all day! Looking forward to being at Londoz again soon and then CT for the big event! Lots of love to all, J

After 20 years of going on safari, I truly believe that every game drive is special . . . but I also know that some are more special than others. Congrats on a VERY special sighting and a great collection of images.

Wonderful photos James, you certainly hit the jackpot and I’m really jealous. But you’ve now increased my leopard bucket list (along with seeing one hoist a kill in a tree). I am back at Founders early September – though it will be dry, more of case of jumping puddles rather than rivers!

The pictures are so pleasant to look at. Thanks a lot for sharing them.



This is the magic of Londolozi! With the knowledge and perseverance of the guides and trackers you always find yourself in the midst of a wonderful moment! Victoria

Happy for everyone on that particular drive. So many jumping shots and even a swim. I had to smile as Nhlanguleni swam across, whereas her Cub did a midstream belly flop! Learning lesson 101. Lol. Other than the jumping images I must say that the capture of the Cub among the soft green Weeping Wattle took my breath. Perfect composition! Great work!

Master Tracker

With viewing like that, I think your guests won the wildlife equivalent of a national lottery win, unless it’s a ? leopard looking slightly embarrassed ? up a tree with a pack of hunting dog ? sleeping underneath

That was just sheer magic! For me, although I photograph mostly birds, the Holy Grail is a leopard sighting and photograph!

Wow! Gorgeous pictures and what a sighting!!! The day we followed a leopard around for about an hour was one of my favorite memories from our safari. We found her on a termite mound and then followed her through the brush as she walked around and then settled on another termite mound to watch the impalas and choose one for dinner 😉

Damn that’s incredible – thank you so much for sharing the experience (and taking them “risk” of capturing it…rather than just enjoying the amazing experience) #vicariousuntilreal 😎

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