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Gowrie 2:2 Male

Gowrie 2:2 Male

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on Who is the Gowrie Male?

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What has happened to Camp Pan male? Is he still around?


He’s a beatiful boy… what happened to camp pan male?

Thelma, please see my response to your comment above.

He is a very handsome fellow! Hope he sticks around a while and broadens the gene pool!

glad you got stuck in the mud, as we might have missed out on these beautiful pics of a fabulous male…
Get stuck more often.. 🙂



Seems as if he was looking to take over Mufufunyane’s (RIP) territory but Tingana beat him to it, so he moved a bit east hoping to take over Yambilu Jordaan’s (RIP) territory and found Mvula there, so he’s now moving south.

Nic Andrew

James, how did you determine the age of this leopard? Do you look at the colour of his nose-whether it is pink, black or inbetween?

Nic, we haven’t seen him much at all, so this was based on information from the properties that have seen him more regularly, to our north and east. The colour of the nose, however, is one feature that can be used. One would also look at the position of the ears (wider spacing is normally an indicator of an older leopard), the size of the head, scars from territorial battles etc.


He is stunning, and your photo of him face-on is fabulous. Ditto to Geri’s comment!!

So handsome–hope he hangs around until March.

Evette Hartig

Wow what a magnificent boy! Hope he stays around, would love to learn more about him and hope to see him next winter.


how does he compare in size to Tukwaan and Camp Pan males? He looks to be substantial.

Kiki, the Gowrie male looked very large when I saw him, but he had just eaten the better part of an impala! I think that he is a similar size to the Marthly male. Probably slightly smaller than the Camp Pan male and larger than the Tugwaan male, but that’s just based on the impression I got based on one sighting.

Carol Robinson

Thanks James, just lovely to see him!

Nic Andrew

Thanks for the info about his age James, its really helpful!

Senior Digital Ranger

I think he is know elsewhere as Lamula.. he is a very striking leopard! Long may he reign!

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