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on The Leopards of Londolozi # 11

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WOW…these guys have gotten REALLY big in the past few weeks. I assume that can be attributed to the season, i.e. rains/births? They certainly look healthy, well fed and content!

Hi Geri, it will most definitely be a cause of the general wellbeing of the whole environment as much of the general game is also starting to eat well again and thus put on weight. My own opinion, however, is that the rain has washed the dirt off many of the leopards and left them with shiny, good looking coats.


They are such beautiful creatures, and your photographs are equally stunning.

Wonderful …. the photos are always spectacular.


Hi Rich..

I can not believe how big Vomba Young Female is!! Is she mating yet?

and is she territorial or is she still sharing territory with her mother?

Hi Graeme, at the moment we do not think she is mating as nobody has witnessed her in the act. She is, however, most definitely holding onto her territory around Plaque rock all the way up to Xidulu and the MM break. Wonderful to see her progressing so well, I know she is a favourite female leopard amongst many of the rangers.


Wow, Shorty is in great shape!


“Oh My Gad” Rich beautiful pics!
Did nt get to see the clip on CNN would you perhaps have a link of some sort to it?
What awesome creatures live in the bush, WOW!

Thanks for the highlights:-)


Hi Carmel, glad you enjoyed the images! To see the CNN clip, just visit this link to the post on the Londolozi Blog – http://blog.londolozi.com/2011/11/pioneering-the-new-frontier-of-a-social-enterprise/

Thanks for your comments, Regards,


Hi, Rich.
I have a dumb question. Do you know which pride of lions mauled the leopard queen?

Its not a dumb question at all Francis and my answer is that I honestly don’t know. I will look into it for you the next time I see JV.

As far as i know 3:4 Leopard Queen was not mauled by lions but the Sunsetbend Female was mauled by the Sparta Pride in the Sand River near a kudu carcass.


Thanks, Rich!

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