on The Reign of Londolozi’s Dominant Male Leopards

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Interesting blog Daniel.


For the female leopards & their Cubs or leopards in these area, a domainate male who can keep the vase area for couple years is vital .

Having been to Londolozi in ’10, ’12 & ’14, It is interesting to follow the leopards. Camp Pan has his own wall in my bedroom. But I guess I will have a new love when I come back next year.


Anderson is a worthy successor to Camp Pan and the Marthly male,have you seen him lately?

Guest contributor

Hi Alex,

Yes we have been seeing him in the North Western sector. We even saw him about a month ago having a confrontation with the 4:4 male in the Sand River. The Anderson Male rarely ventures this far south but as we have seen the tendency is for these big males to migrate towards the River.


Thank you for the update, Daniel.

Thank you for this thorough explanation about male leopard dynamics in Londolozi.

Leopards fascinate me so your blog about their movements and interactions bring their stories to life. As a wildlife artist that at this stage in life can only dream about seeing Africa your stories are the next best thing.

Jill Grady

Very interesting blog Daniel and the maps were really helpful to see how the territories changed over the years for Camp Pan, Marthly male and Gowrie male…all such beautiful Leopards. I find it so sad as the day comes and they are no longer there and the privilege of spending time with them will have passed. I am hoping that Mashaba female can keep her cub safe.

Brian C

Thank you for this very clear history of the male leopards of northern Londolozi. Agree with Jill about the excellent maps— amazing how much their territories can change in a year or two! I really respect all of these males. In particular, Camp Pan and Marthly male were extraordinary (was very fond of Gowrie though)! Very few make it to the territorial stage and their reign can be relatively brief. Great photo of Camp Pan! Something about that photo says ” I am the dominant male around here. Don’t even mess with me.”

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