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on How Wild Dogs Behave at a Kill

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Hi Rich ,thanks for the interesting article ,as Wild Dogs are one of my favorite hunters ,purely because they are not that well documented ,as the Big Cats .My take on the packs play ,with a trophy is,one of two things.The pack is just playing after a hard day of hunting ,or they are giving the pack ,a bit of practice for the next hunt,including the young,pack members.Would this not be the reason why their success rate for kills is so high ?Just a thought .Thanks again ,and keep up the great articles.


Awesome article!
Personally I feel it is all of the above. Why would “playing” serve just one purpose?

Not sure odious is anywhere near the right word to describe AWD in any way… nonetheless, nice article!


“How unbelievably kif was that!” Nice 🙂

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