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on The Sparta Females’ Desperate Dance

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That is too bad for the lions. That poor cub of theirs needs to eat. Lions are amazing animals, and I hope that the Sparta Lionesses are able to survive. Those Mangile Males are bullies. Why don’t they just take over the pride by now? That way, they can create a super pride, instead of just destroy the Sparta Lioness’ Pride.

It is sad and unfortunate to see how this particular pride has dwindled in the last few months owing to the new males. Remember that there are never any hard and fast rules as to what motivates these animals in the wild and they can make seemingly sporadic decisions which may seem unusual or strange to us.

I believe that it is encouraging, however, to watch how these lionesses are still making a go of it and the courage and guts they have whilst doing it. Buffaloes are exceptionally dangerous prey to hunt and these two lionesses seem not to care about the consequences.

Mele Andru

Hi Rich,
I can’t stop to admire this particular pride … It’s one of the best schools of lions and it’s no wonder they produced such stars as Mapogo…. This lioness are excellent mothers and warriors but above all they are a family .
It’s such a shame that fortune wasn’t their ally in last months… They have only one cub with little chance to became adult and for strong males wich dominate the meals but can’t became their sexual partners or defend their lands against other males…
It’s very, very sad…

Hi Rich,
I wonder whether the Majingilane in peace once again returned back to Kruger, had it not been so tragic conflict with Mapogos in June 2010.
Since then Majingilane on the warpath.
It is very bad. .. 🙁


So sad to read this after having been there and watched the 2 lionesses and 3 cubs in October as the one lioness fed with the Southern Pride with David. The photos I have of the 3 cubs are some of my favorites. Hoping the one cub is able to make it.

Us too Kate, I remember that sighting vividly – quite fascinating to watch. It seemed, for a small while, that there would be a chance that the two prides would be able to join together and form a stable pride in the middle of Londolozi. We will have to just wait and see how this unfolds over the next month.


Do you think the Sparta females may join up with the sub adult females and the old female? Now that they only have one cub and a common enemy-that might seem easier?

They have been seen together before, however the Tsalala young Male who heads up the Sparta Pride is not the father of the remaining cub and as such he is a mixed bag when encountering this young cub. You never know though KK as common enemies bring together groupings that you might never have thought possible….


It seems to strange say this about lions but these girls are sooo pretty. No wonder all the boys are after them 😉 great footage by the way, great to see the cub doing well but really seems like a lost cause at the moment with the Majings around. Hope I am wrong.

We hope so too Linda. The drama seems to have calmed down momentarily whilst the 4 males are stuck in north of the swollen Sand River in Marthly.


Hey Rich
Was that Stompi and Like whose truck was right in the path of the fleeing buffalo?

Bet their guests were shaken by that!

Best regards


Hi John,

It was Tom and Jerry, and yes I am sure that everyone was ‘woken up’ swiftly by a lion tackling a careering buffalo two meters away from where they were sitting…



Truely Awesome!!! a mini battle of the kruger!!!

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