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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Gear Review: My Week with the 600mm

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Senior Digital Ranger

I’ve often had the urge to switch to a long range prime but fear missed opportunities without the flexibility of a zoom lens. Any thoughts on that?

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful images and great review. You need to try the “Z” version with the built in TC. It is lighter and even more amazing.

Senior Digital Ranger

Your photos are SHOWSTOPPERS, Kyle. I felt like I could touch the fur, feathers and hide!!!!

Great blog and fantastic images. And yet another example of the wonder of Londolozi and all it has to offer.

Congratulation on these amazing photos. Every detail is so clear.
Can one rent such an equipment also for let’s say one day? Next time at Londolozi. One day of bird photography. And maybe also a few Leopard cubs to make the day perfect.

Senior Digital Ranger

Stunning pictures!

Thank you Kyle for some amazing shots. Telephoto lenses are indeed heavy and difficult to use every day but, deliver to most amazing results. I hope you will send more photos using the lens.

Ooh, an early US Independence Day present! In my first pass I’ve already saved two photos to favorites (elephant foot, bee eater dragonfly) but I’m sure several more will tumble in.

What a difference that 600mm lens makes to your images. So absolutely clear and close up. I wish I could afford a lens like that so that I can take better foto’s of birds and wild life here on the reserve. Your images are stunning Kyle and thank for your review on the 600mm lens.

Terrific review Kyle referencing the Nikon 600mm, F4 lens. Paired with the d850, you produced some stunning images, especially the portraits. I was most impressed by the young Bateleur Eagle – those eyes! The Nikon glass is said to be the best in the market, consequently the high price tag. For me, the weight of the lens is just too much so I sometimes add a 1.4 TC to my 100-400 F4 for extra reach, although you do lose an Fstop. Nikon Z lenses, for their mirrorless , now have an amazing 600mm that’s relatively light but at the end of the day, choosing a lens really depends on what subject matter you intend to capture.

Wow again Kyle !!! That lens is magical and with a practiced eye behind it you can achieve incredible results! What was the total weight of camera body and 600? You might have saved yourself some sore muscles if you had taken the detachable leg off your tripod and used it as a monopod to support the lens. See you soon !

Kyle ,great article and crisp sharp images especially the Oxpecker on the Zebra and the Bateleur Eagle .My standard set up when on a landrover at Londolozi is a Canon R3 on an RfF canon 600mm lens which is all mirrorless hence lighter for birds but also very useful for animals and a Canon R5 with the Canon 100-500 mm zoom lens for animals so that both are next to me and never have to change lenses which should answer your question Ann Marie .

Incredible photos, Kyle. Wish we were still there with you and the Prof!!

This sort of lens is way beyond my level of education or experience, but it’s what my safari dreams are made of. Those birds! That lion paw! So many dreamy and/or emotional images. The detail is unreal.

Absolutely gorgeous photos Kyle! My thing on safari when taking pics was all about showing friends pics saying I was THAT close (with my measly 200mm lens)!! Ha!! If you are in the business of photography I get it and for fun it’s wonderful Londolozi rents this equipment tho.

Stunning images, Kyle. I think being able to hire lenses etc from the studio is a no-brainer. I always hire a Nikon 80-400 lens, which I know is probably a million miles away from this one, but I think is the studio’s most poular lens? It’s far too heavy to put in hand baggage and I don’t think I’d be happy putting an expensive lens in my suitcase.

Insanely brilliant images Kyle!! Bravo!!

Kyle, Thanks for sharing your experience and fabulous images with that amazing lens! We had the chance to rent your 600m lens on our last visit. We agree that the weight is a challenge, but the results were worth it!


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