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on Vomba Young Female at Her Best

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Great find and filming Stoff. We were struck as well by the seemingly playful nature of the female leopard ahead of a similar kill we witnessed in November.


Perhaps she is still young enough just to enjoy a game, rather like she would with siblings? Also it seems the lamb didn’t make any distress calls and perhaps if it had, the killer instinct may have been aroused? Just guessing?

Liz I definitely think there is a bit of playfulness which stems from two parts. The first is the feline tendency to be exceptionally playful with something new or something that responds. This is very similar to how she might have acted with her siblings..

The second is that this leopard is still relatively young. She has only reached maturity and independence over the last few months and as such I think that her actions are somewhat generated out of curiosity as much as the need to eat….


Thanks Rich … its wonderful to watch these special cats. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I have just watched, after many years, a video a friend took whilst we were at Londolozi in Dec 1998. There were 3 dark maned lions and the guide, Kevin, mentions that they are part of a coalition of 5 – is it likely this was the Mapogos in their youth?
Also on this visit we saw a leopard (my first in the wild, having longed to see such a wonderous sight for over 40 years!) and Kevin mentions that she has a distinctive kink in her tail (which can be seen on the video) and how she attacked a python that had eaten her single cub. She also appears to have very tattered ears. I recently saw ‘The Leopard Queen’ on Nat Geo Wild about Manama. Is Manama the 3:4 leopard and is it likely from Kevin’s description that I was fortunate enough to see this very special legendary leopard? Watching the video again brought back such fantastic memories of a truly magical place that I really hope to return to one day – even if its in the form of ashes!! Thanks Rich


Liz, they most likely were the West Street/Sparta Males who are believed to have sired the Mapogos. The Mapogos are about 10 year old and I don’t this they were born yet back in 1998. Rich could correct me on this. Anyway, here’s a link that can help:


Its true Bader, the Mapogos were born around 2002ish


Thanks Rich and Bader … that help clear my puzzle. Beautiful boys … no wonder they sired such strong sons!

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