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That’s amazing! Any info about the lion prides of sabi sands and their territories?

Hi Bader, there will be some more info on the lion prides coming through on the blog in the new year.

I like this. What can I say? 🙂

Great stuff Herman, thanks as always for your comments!


I wonder sometimes, Africa a magnificent continent, with the Lion as its symbol. As a keen, avid fan of the great Mapogo coalition, an entity of maned beasts that have successfully and unsuccessfully governed over their territories, much like humans, are we all that different? We are always looking for greener pastures, till the time we are old and cannot take it anymore, when the younger, stronger generations supersede us, and our time is done. We hold on to memories of lands we once ruled, only to see younger, progressive forces advance on areas we once trampled and destroyed at will. The history of the world.

As a Christian, I see it everyday. Lions are no different. They kill and are killed at will. Be it by the buffalo they hunt, or the hunter’s bullet or by their own kind. Every lion comes and goes, just like every man that seeks the ultimate in riches and possession.

I was drawn to the Mapogo coalition through a single video, by chance, happened to stumble upon by John Varty. What followed was a sheer addiction into the lives of one of the greatest lion coalitions in Africa that ever lived , and all I can say is WOW. In all their terror and mayhem, they have done what we humans, are knowingly or unknowingly bound to do, and that is to preserve our species and race for years to come. And if that means destroying others, than so be it, for over centuries, we have learned that the world is all about flesh, teeth and blood. Nothing, now or ever can change that. The Mapogos will be gone soon, just like the other great coalitions that have ruled Africa for thousands of years. What will not be forgotten, is the time that a few thousand of us spent, unknown to each other, in various corners of the world, took to learn about a great dynasty of giant , feline rulers that made that Southern part of Africa their home, and what they did to deserve it.

From the dust we came, to the dust we all shall return…

Makulu, Satan, Shaka, Dreadlocks, Rasta & Bent Spine


Hi Rich,
Any information on the lion density census maps.
Also is there any information on the leopard density

Hi Les,

The lion density is constantly fluctuating as there is a new coalition of male lions enforcing their dominance. As such we have seen a number of lion deaths in the recent year.

The leopard density remains fairly fixed, however it can also fluctuate at times. I would suggest visiting our Leopard of Londolozi website to have a look at the territory maps on there for a better idea. – http://www.londolozi.com/leopards


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