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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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Wow Patrick what a magical morning, certainly one that will be with you all for a long time to come !! A remarkable story and I hope that as you did not take any honey and purposely didn’t then leave some for the Honeyguide that something bad will not befall you all in the future….or are you safe as you didn’t touch the hive? Interesting as does the Honeyguide manage to get honey without the aid of someone smoking out the hive ?

I thoroughly loved this story! First, I am a birder! I love watching them, even if it’s only been from my kitchen window, where many a picture has been take. Watching Wild Earth Safari Live and listing all the birds I have seen which has reached the total of 298 screen shots from 2014 to Sep 2021. Thank you for your story!

Senior Digital Ranger

you will have a lot of lucky encounters with James Souchon on your side !

What a great walk! Two such rare birds in one morning.
I wonder how the honeyguides get honey if people or other animals don‘t help them to it?
Seeing these birds will be amidst at my next stay at Londolozi….

Walking is truly rewarding both mentally and physically. Great story, which proves that all myths have a certain truth to them, that we can not always see until we experience them ourselves. Thanks Patrick!

Hi Patrick, just goes to show how incredible nature is, the honey guide bird showing the honey is astounding. The half collared kingfisher is a beautiful bird with stunning colours. We have the Cape Robin Chat here by us , when he makes a certain alarm call, we know he is telling us there is a snake. We got a snake ( rinkals) in our yard on Friday, with the help of the Cape Robin Chat. We usually put some cheese out for him with some breadcrumbs which he comes to eat by my kitchen window. There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself.

Digital Tracker

That was a really wonderful article you wrote! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your memorable day out in the bush! What amazing sightings and what a story about the Honeyguide! Truly amazing! Nature is truly spectacular!

A really nice blog Patrick. Sometimes it is nice to take a walk and appreciate the other things in nature that we don’t get to see otherwise. The guides are sage and it was nice that you saw the Honeyguide and proved that this bird really would guide you to honey. You made my mouth water talking about Jaffles. I have not had a Jaffle since I was a kid (I am an old lady now). I really enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for sharing. P.S. Please send Jaffle ASAP – just kidding.

Well Patrick, I believe you enjoyed such a fantastic walk and the resultant amazing sightings due to the jaffles! James’s fire toasted deliciousness brings out the best in nature’s experiences as well as satisfying the yearning for those glorious cheese sandwiches. BTW, I think you’ll be okay since you didn’t touch the beehive – no bad luck in the future.

One of my special memories from my April stay was my jaffle brunch prepared by James in the Maxabene riverbed – priceless!!

Patrick, what a beautiful story! It felt like we were walking with you as you explained the experience. We are definitely doing a walk on our next visit to Londolozi!

What a fascinating story, Patrick! Lovely pics to go with it too. Thank you so much. I am feeling a little sorry that you didn’t take even a SMALL bit of the honey and left it for the Honey Guide! I believe in tipping when the service is good! Wendy

What an amazing morning and such great stories! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. And I am looking forward to trying those jaffles one day.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fascinating story! Many old wives tales are, in all or part, based on scientific fact. Thanks for sharing!

Oh Patrick you have stirred up a wave of nostalgia in my heart. I have walked in the African bush for most of my life and remember well the magical moments it brings. Now in the UK I walk in a very different environment and still get some magical moments though not quite so many.
Thank you for bringing back those wonderful memories. A great story.

Bush walks are a wonderful way to experience the African wilderness!

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