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on The Vegetable Revolution

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This is such an inspirational story! You guys are doing great work by raising awareness and creativity! This empowerment will be so motivating and they will also take pride in their work! Great work! Looking forward to seeing these vegetable gardens when I visit in October.


Hey Rich, Really great to hear about the Vegetable Revolution going on at Londoz. Here in the UK the ‘grow your own’ culture is currently experiencing a huge surge in popularity, with the public taking an interest not only in home grown food and herbal cures but also ‘wild’ foods that can be found growing all around us. Not only is the movement proving to be great for sustainability but people are also getting so much in return on a very personal level from growing their own produce and rekindling long-forgotten traditions…I’m really looking fowards to hearing more about the Vegetable Revolution at Londoz and about all the different produce and interesting solutions to challenges that the team yield!
X nix

Hi NIx, I can imagine how the UK is experiencing that surge given all the publicity sustainable living is receiving. The bush-medicine section of the Coconut Revolution was probably what I found most fascinating as I believe that there are many natural remedies to sicknesses and ailments both in Africa and the world over.

You are completely right about the return on a personal level that people receive from growing their own produce. It is far more than just a feeling of goodwill to the environment but also a feeling of purpose and achievement. The old mantra that it is necessary to think global and act local stands correct. We will keep you updated on how things progress with the Vegetable gardens with both the challenges and triumphs.


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