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on The New Londolozi Pioneer Camp – 1926

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So upmarket compared to 1980-84. Not sure I know what to bring to wear for dinner :>) but I’m looking forward to being there in November.

Haha, you can wear whatever you feel like Judy. Looking forward to having you here in November. Are you coming to Pioneer?


It is tooooo beautiful, well done. What an amazing calm, peaceful look and feel , home from home.. well done to the team, cant wait for my next visit.

Thanks Louis, with a bit of luck you’ll be able to star in the next Pioneer movie. And yes well done to the team, they did a great job of making the camp what it is.


They were something else there, I visited Pionner camp for a few years ago and lived in that how now is a part of Founders Camp. They were fantastic but I thought a bit about why they were placed on the “backyard” and not along the River. But on the other hand, you ware never there during the day time and the room was fantastic indoors. These new suites are incredible along the river, it will be difficult to go out on game drive with that view from the veranda, but how can you miss those game drives, so it can be better to stay longer next time to catch both.
Congratulations Garman

Hi Garman,

Thanks for your comments. You are correct that previous rooms belonging to Pioneer Camp have now been taken in by Founders Camp. The new pioneer rooms spread further along the river to give our guests the river views that you are talking about. I agree that it might be difficult to pull yourself away for a game drive when you are next with us, however I have a funny feeling that you just might be able to do it, especially if you are staying longer…. 🙂

Thanks again,


Between 1997 and 2001, we have stayed at all the camps in Londolozi. They were all stunning in their own ways but this looks really exceptional. Why did I sign up to Londoz’s Facebook? Easy – our visits were undoubtedly some of the most memorable times of our lives. Sadly we can no longer travel to this part of Africa as my wife has had a transplant but we have memories – stunning memories.


Looks magnificent. We’ll be there in three weeks and can’t wait!


From the dustbowl that was Pioneer in March has blossomed this beautiful place. Shan and Dave, we never doubted that it would be stunning, but this time you have surpassed yourselves. Congratulations. I adore the skywalk!!!
Karin and Ian


What a gorgeous camp. I hope to visit and include in my next project; South African Hideaways. I’ll be in touch shortly. Congrats!

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