“ May all sentient beings everywhere be healthy, happy and free ”

With a space so raw and real, often shared with the gentle yet firm presence of the elephants and monkeys, an hour seems to embody far more than a few stretches and deep breathing exercises to those who step into the space on the deck.

Through the eyes of an objective guide, I see guests of all levels and abilities, arrive at midday yoga, searching… Searching for a sense of lightness, of release, of exercise or sometimes unsure of what it is they are in search of. The class holds the space for a variety of experiences as guests and staff alike boldly choose to step barefoot into an intimate hour of internal dialogue and inquiry.

With numbers varying anywhere from one to eight bodies, depending on the attendees, the energy is always different, with no two classes alike. Each class is gently crafted around the feel and needs of those on the day, with plenty of attention paid to encompassing each individual frame and person.

While the various body parts are used to move into the poses, the framework and flow of the poses together are the gateway to actually climb into the body.

The beauty of the practice (supported strongly by the constant encouragement from the birds, the fresh air, and the platform to play through movement) is seen in the individuals’ discoveries of the ‘sweet-spots’; holding and committing to them, finding a point between effort and relaxation, and a safe space within themselves.

The beautiful benefits are seen in visible clues; the deeper, slower rise and fall of the chests of the guests, the light, grateful movements in response to the hand-on adjustments, the shut-eye moments snatched in the holding poses, the unashamed smiles as they overbalance and climb back into a pose. Overall we see the ease of the entire posture softening, releasing the battle to be ‘the best’, allowing space for a sense of contentment, people meeting themselves wherever they are physically and mentally at on that day.

Yoga at Londolozi places emphasis on feeling good in the body- the most special instrument that we will ever own.

The elements of the African bush come largely into play through the sounds, the temperatures, the animals and connect directly with all of the senses, integrating the mind, body and spirit.


Written by Samantha Burnell, Londolozi Yoga Instructor

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Sam Burnell


Sam was born in Cape Town and is passionate about integrative bodywork therapies and healing concepts. Following two years of studies in Therapeutic Reflexology and Meridian therapy in Cape Town, she spent a year in SE Asia deepening her personal yoga practice, exploring ...

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Jenn Anderson

So beautiful! What a lovely description of yoga at Londolozi! I will meet you on the platform…one day…this is my hope & dream. Namaste 🙂

Sheryl Schroeder

I would LOVE to do yoga under that beautiful canopy with that scenery around… and if animals were present I would just feel that much more at one with the universe. xxoo


Nice blog Samantha. I would think that the mix of yoga, animals and bird sounds would be very relaxing and peaceful. Would love to join in one of these days.

Eileen O'Connor

Beautiful! Yoga at Londolozi will always be two of my most favorite days ever. I remember this one curios monkey watching us from up high

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