On Wednesday 3rd August, over 15 million South Africans turned out at the 22 230 voting stations dotted across the country to cast their vote for the 2016 municipal elections – the most hotly contested democratic battle since the birth of our democracy in 1994.


Prior to the elections, debates across the political spectrum were lively and robust, yet in the true spirit of opposition politics, freedom of speech, fairness, peace and tolerance, South Africa has once again demonstrated to the world a high functioning and vibrant democracy. Whilst violence, turmoil and disruptive politics are being witnessed in so many parts of the world, we’ve seen the principle of “one person one vote” and the universal rejection of violence and corruption being endorsed by the full spectrum of South African society and by all our political parties.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters sing during their election rally at Lucas Moripe stadium in Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria, South Africa, Sunday, May 4, 2014. South African political parties held final campaign rallies Sunday ahead of elections on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 that are likely to see the ruling ANC return to power with a smaller majority due to voters disaffected by corruption in government and economic inequality. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)


Supporters of the South African oppositi...Supporters of the South African opposition party Democratic Alliance (DA) holds signs as they gather in Mamelodi during an election rally on April 28, 2014. South Africa celebrated on the eve the 20th anniversary of its first ever all-race, democratic election that ended decades of sanctioned racial oppression under the apartheid system. This year's anniversary of democracy coincides with South Africa's fifth democratic election on May 7 where voters will cast ballots in a fiercely fought contest. AFP PHOTO/MARCO LONGARIMARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images

South Africa has retained its deserved reputation as a friendly, warm, safe and hospitable country, offering world-class quality food, accommodation and adventure to the discerning international traveller. It is therefore, not surprising that we are experiencing unprecedented numbers of visitors to our shores, all of whom in their own way make a contribution to the continued success of this wonderful country.


We express to all the political parties and their leadership our heartfelt thanks and congratulations for an election extraordinarily well run, free of violence and corruption, high on integrity and transparency. This process has been a beacon of hope for the entire world, demonstrating that democracy does work and that opposition politics should be tolerated and respected in the best interests of the people.


Thank you South Africans. You have spoken in the name of democracy, fairness and truth. We rejoice that our young democracy has stood firm for two decades and that together we can all look forward with anticipation to another two decades alive with possibilities in the hands of maturing political leadership.


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on What South Africa’s Elections Mean For You

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MJ Bradley

I congratulate you on your peaceful voting day!

Jill Larone

Congratulations to South Africa, on a well-run, fair and peaceful democratic election. Being Canadian, I am fortunate to have experienced a lifetime of peaceful democratic elections and know how important this process is. South Africa is a beautiful country with incredible, strong people, who continue to carry on the vision of peace, fairness, respect and hope for the future that Nelson Mandela envisioned for South Africa and dedicated his entire life to work towards.

Judy Guffey

Mahalo, Dave. Well spoken. A model for the US?

Evette Hartig

I love South Africa! I am ashamed of the hate, prejudice and fear being used to manipulate people in America’s presidential election this year, we have hit a new low, I can only hope we rise above it.

Tom Ocasek

Dave, just some input for your info – The reason I was introduced to Londolozi after SA hosted the soccer world cup in 2010 was because travel people in Joburg said it would be unsafe to travel to and visit Cape town as a caucasian. So I went back into the “bush” with the animals where it was safe and photographed the Leopards and other sights of Londolozi – that visit met all expectations. After Nelson Mandela’s progress it was ad to see it being dismantled. Aloha, Tom Ocasek

Will Darken

Whoever is writing your daily stories is doing a first class job. Though we are far away in the Colorado Rockies, you are keeping us connected to your beautiful country and important work.

Kate Imrie

Thank you to everyone who voted. We had our ears glued to live radio broadcast in Thailand during the election and listened to the results streaming in for 2 days, so sorry we couldn’t join in the vote but felt so proud to be South African. Eagerly waiting to see how the coalitions work out. Miss you all Love from current location, England.

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