After recently travelling to Sri Lanka, I have returned completely rejuvenated with a new perspective and appreciation for the wonder of Londolozi and the Lowveld as a whole. It has almost felt as if these fresh experiences have perpetuated a new energy and excitement in my environment, guests and hopefully my photography. I love that photography is so much more than just a picture. It can tell stories and even have feelings. Over the past week I have shared incredible experiences with some wonderful people. I thought I would share them with you, the reader, in the hope you feel the vibrancy of our experiences.

Enjoy this Week in Pictures…


A cheetah stands on a fallen Knobthorn tree in order to gain a vantage point. On this particular day, two different male cheetahs were found on opposite ends of the reserve in the same day, which is quite something for an area better renowned for its lion and leopard viewing.


Elephants are massive in size but intricately beautiful in their details. This female calmly walked by and into perfect afternoon light.


Have you ever wondered why nightjars are often found on the roads at night? Incredibly they use the sky, moon and stars to backlight any insects flying above them. They then launch into the air, opening their mouths nearly 180 degrees wide, all while using the sensitive hairs around their beak to feel their way through the air and help find the potential prey.


A tower of giraffe silhouetted at sunset. There were as many as 40 giraffe together, more than I’ve ever seen together in one place. Sadly it was impossible to fit them all in the frame.


Several hyena patiently waited for a Matimba male to finished feeding on a buffalo carcass. Once the lion had had his fill, vultures flocked in and were eventually joined by the hyenas. By this stage they only managed to grab a few scraps which they then had to squabble over.


When taking photographs I always try to look for a different perspective. This low angle helped to create a rather unique hippo angle.


Two little bee eaters perch, scanning for insects. It is always fun to watch these birds hawk because they tend to fly away from and then return to the same branch.


Impala may seem monotonous but in my opinion, their beauty is difficult to match. Here the winter sunset and warm golden backlight only enhance their splendor.


Two of the Tsalala cubs playfully bat at their mother. Despite being able to do great damage with those jaws and teeth, she seems to humour their game.


A Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl perches, waiting to hunt. This is the biggest owl we find in the area.


The tail of the Mashaba Young Female. This part of a leopard’s body is one of its most important balancing tools, helping it to scale trees to extraordinary heights.


The Mashaba female glances up a tree to where her impala kill once lay as the last light of the day fades.


Silhouettes are the perfect way in which to use darkness to create shapes. In this case I used the Makotini male stretching along the brach of a Marula tree.


A cheetah attempts to bring down a mature impala ram. Make sure you log onto the blog tomorrow to find out who won in this epic battle.


A capture of the milky way. The winter months provide the best conditions for night photography with the endless clear, cloudless nights.

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Absolutely brilliant photos. Thank you. Hoping the Cheetah survived as it does not look good with those rams horns in its side…….

Margarita Doychinova


Mike C

Amazing shots as always!

Susie Hirst

Just wonderful, thanks Don. Just love how you have captured the detail in the little nightjars feathers. Hippo, brilliant shot. 🙂


Thank you Don.. can’t wait to see the outcome of the Ram vs Cheetah. I hope the Cheetah is ok. I also love the Giraffe and the Nightjar photos.. My favorite is the African sky filled with stars!


Wonderful variety of photos. I loved the extremely tolerant Mother Lion with playful cubs!


Love seeing the few that we were with you when you shot them. The backlit impalas are my favorite. Wonderful meeting you and learning from you.

Bronwyn Laburn


Sergey Gorshkov

THANKS Donny!!!!!


Fantastic shots!

Wendy Hawkins

Stunning all of them Don! Glad you back safely, nothing quite like coming “home”! 🙂

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