“I was lucky enough to have my second visit to Londolozi in early April. We were all very excited, and we had one game drive in the evening that I will remember forever.


We were sitting in the Land Rover, watching the Sparta female lions and their four cubs playing and lying around near a water hole. We had been watching them for a while, and we were thinking about moving away.




Suddenly, an impala came out of some bushes on the other side of the water hole, being chased by a wild dog.


The lions stopped playing and looked up. The wild dog saw them and decided to leave because he might end up being chased by the lions. The adult lions then stood up, while the impala started to run around, panicking. It jumped into the water with a big splash, as it had nowhere else to go. The lions circled the impala, waiting for it to get tired. The impala tried to swim, but it did get tired. The lions had now hidden behind a bush, and the impala couldn’t see them. It got out of the water, to see where they were, but it had made a big mistake. It ran out right in front of the lions. We couldn’t see much, because by now it was nearly dark, but we heard everything.  The impala let out a scream, and we heard the lions growling. Dan, our ranger said excitedly,” they’ve got it” and drove towards the bush. When we got there, we saw the lions eagerly munching on the dead impala. The lion cubs were still back at the water hole but they had watched everything. While we were watching the lions eating, the cubs then came out behind us to see their mothers. It was very exciting, but very sad for the impala, although it’s all part of nature.”

Issy Francombe, 10

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on What This 10 Year Old Thought About a Lion Kill
    Sally Tankard says:

    Great story and so wonderful to hear how much children love safari.

    Judy Guffey says:

    Well done, Issy.

    Nick says:

    Hi and sorry if I missed something here: where’s the info on the lion kill?

    James Tyrrell says:

    Hi Nick,
    In the last paragraph above the video clip.

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