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on A Close Call For The Ntsevu Breakaways – Virtual Safari #215

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Thanks for the update, Sean. Are the four males from different litters within the Ntsevu pride – roughly what age do you think they are now?

Yes, they are from two different litters, one in September of 2018 and one in June of 2019.

Senior Digital Ranger

I’m glad there ok but my Sunday now I’m sad because they were hurt. I’d love to see there sister join up with the tsalala female

Praying all injuries heal quickly and completely for all lions involved. I’m relieved none were fatal.

I am pretty sure the injuries will heal quickly, lions are so resilient.

It will certainly not be very easy for these young males to establish their own territory in the middle of all these powerful coalitions. It is amazing that their sister is still with them. I am looking forward to hearing about her fate as her brothers are starting to mate now. Is there such a thing as an “auntie” in the world of lions who helps to bring up cubs of her brothers’? She would probably not accepted by the mothers of those cubs?

It is going to be a rocky road ahead for the males and the female. She is going to have a tough time, I think. Sadly, I don’t think the females/mothers of the cubs fathered by the Ntsevu Males would accept this female.

Any way the future of these Ntsevu lions will certainly be very interesting. And I hope that they will heal soon and not have any disadvantages from their wounds.

I think the future of all the lions around here is going to be interesting in the future. Will the current dominant coalitions be able to hold on to their territories? Where will the up and coming coalitions settle? Will the cubs survive? Only time will tell.

Sean, thank you for the update on the Ntsevu Breakaways. Fascinating to see the dynamics unfold over time. They look to be maturing into impressive group.

You are welcome, William. It is fascinating to see dynamics play out.

Incredible profiles! Thank you, Sean. And what’s the latest on the Skorro male?

Thank you so much, Willa. He hasn’t been seen for quite some time. So either he has moved on in search of greener pastures where there is slightly less competition, or maybe he has been taken out by one of the coalitions around here.

Hi, they remind so much the Birmingham males! They are so handsome. Do you think the female will split? Time will tell, certainly now they are too young but maybe in the future, until the Mapogo stuck together they were invincible. So the Majingilane of your great video. Then they will likely follow such legendary coalitions in power… such good genes should empower the breed

They are an impressive bunch and look very similar to their fathers. I have a feeling that the female will stick around with them for as long as possible then will eventually break away.

Wow,the Plain Camp males are to be reconed with. They are huge in stature and experience. Shame I feel sorry for the Ntsevu males that got hurt in the altercation. But hearing from you that there are so many prides on Londolozi, makes it difficult for the Ntsevu Breakaways to establish a territory. But as you they must just lay low for a while and grow in stature and gain more experience if they are going to take on any of the other prides. Very worring times for them, I am afraid to even think of the fight that is immerment.

The Plains Camp Males are a powerful coalition. There are a lot of males around, but if these guys grow into a powerful coalition they will begin to dominate some of the territory and expand that in time making more space for themselves.

This lion update was presented at the perfect time, as we’ve seen so many images of the Ntsevu Breakaways as they continue to grow and successfully hunt, but they are young and roaming other established males’ territories. Seems they are treading where angels fear to go more and more. I’m wondering if the Ntsevu’s sister would be killed if not able to run away from another coalition. She’s of mating age and perhaps naively on my part, could be interesting to another male? Thanks as always!

I am glad this update has been well-received. They really are treading where angels fear to go. I think as it stands now she might be killed off if other males came across but in a few months when she matures a bit more then she will be seen as mating stock and the males would probably fancy her.

Wow Sean! Super interesting update and excellent footage of the Ntsevu Breakaway Lions as they find their way into full adulthood! I really enjoyed the drop-in footage and images of examples of earlier lions and other players in this current drama. Really amazing! Bravo!!

Thank you so much, Paul. It is nice to put the older footage in to give a lot of what I am saying a bit of context.

Really nice update, Sean! I was also wondering about the Skorro male (hope I spelled it correctly). We’ve not heard about him lately and wondered how he’s managing around all these coalitions.

Thank you so much, Mary Beth. We haven’t seen the Skorro Male for a while. We are hoping he is still around but maybe he got the hint that there could be a few too many lions around here and securing a territory for his own would be too much of a tall order.

Thanks for the update Sean! Lion dynamics are always interesting and exciting! We are always amazed that we never really hear about the lions or leopards having infections from their wounds? Does that ever happen or do they have some kind of biologic protection?

The lion dynamics are so interesting and always changing. So their immune systems are so strong that yes they do get infections but they seldomly are fatal.

wow! need a flow chart! so many gorgeous lions/prides/coalitions! I am curious about the lone sister and what will become of her…she wouldn’t mate w/ her brothers right? And then if she goes off and mates with another, will the brothers push her out? She would need to leave in any case if she’s pregnant…so complicated!

It can be tricky to follow along with everything that is going on with the lions. There is a chance that the brothers will mate with her. The natural course for a coalition of males is that they are forced out of the pride when they become sexually mature by the mothers/females to prevent inbreeding, or by the change in the dominant males. When this happens the young females normally stay with their mothers, or break away with a few sisters, who then at a later stage separate from the males and form a pride. With this female being the only female she has no one to break away with and so will likely end up mating with her brothers and any other dominant males that she comes across when in heat.

Thanks Sean as always for answering! So maybe she’ll do like the leopards? If she mates w/ another outside male and then her brothers, she could stay with them if she has cubs since the brothers will think they are theirs? Brothers won’t see brothers cubs as a threat would they?

It is difficult to say. In theory, if the males have mated with her then they would have a vested interest in the cubs. But being males they are likely to travers enormous distances and likely be away from an area for extended periods of time and while the female is denning she will be bound to that area to look after her cubs so this could see her being left alone for a while.

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