On the 31st of March 2016 I came to Londolozi for the second time. All the animal encounters that I had amazed me. I saw a total of six different lion cubs all well under a year old- two fathered by the Matimba males with their mothers the Tsalala pride, and four fathered by the Matshipiri males and their mothers belonging to the Sparta pride. They were great to see as they were all so clumsy and affectionate towards each other- except when they we eating, then it was each to their own. One of my favourite encounters I saw in the four days that I was there was when we tracked a pack of wild dogs and they killed an impala, then three hyenas went to steal the kill. It was impressive to see as the wild dogs chase away and attack the hyenas. The sound was chilling! Eventually the hyenas failed due to their lack of teamwork and the wild dogs left near to nothing for them to scavenge on. Only the day before the same pack had chased an adult male impala through a thicket and into a dam only for it to be snatched up by a large crocodile. They were two awesome sightings. The overall trip was all the more special due to our incredible guide Lucien, who helped me with my photographs and talked to me about the interactions between the animals. I cannot wait to go back to Londolozi.

Written by Millie Slade (13), Londolozi Guest










All photographs by Millie Slade (13), Londolozi Guest

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on Millie Slade: A 13 Year Old’s Take on Londolozi

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Marinda Drake

Stunning images Millie!


Do tell us what kind of camera and lenses you used! I hope my pictures will be as good as yours when I visit in June/July! What a lucky girl you are to be able to visit twice so far!

Rich Laburn

Beautful images Millie, thanks for sharing on the Londolozi blog


Lovely blog Millie, and yes you did have an incredible guide in Lucien. What great memories to take home with you.

Andy Francombe

Wonderful blog Millie, and fantastic photos. We’ve been to Londolozi a couple of times in the last 2 years and I love taking photos. I’d be very proud of a set of images like yours! Well done.

Kate Imrie

Beautiful photos, love the young elephant having a dust bath.

millie slade

thank you gill – i had such a great time. I used a canon eos700d and a 55-250mm lens

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