Big news from Londolozi in terms of the lion dynamics is that in the last week the much loved Tailless Female of the Tsalala Pride has been seen a number of times with her 2 daughters and their cubs. There was even a special moment the other night when the 3 adults moved off and attempted a hunt together. Rangers and trackers smiled from ear to ear as it now seems imminent that our most loved lioness may return back to our lands after over a years absence.

Although not the greatest photo this moment made me smile...the Tailless Female surrounded by her grand-cubs - Adam Bannister

The one thing we are not sure of however is what will happen to the 4 female sub-adults that Tailless has been looking after since around May 2010. As of yet the Tsalala sisters seem to be comfortable having their mom around but not these other four.

The other big news is that The Tailless Female has been seen mating with the Majingilanes. This is a big development and will shape the future of the Tsalala Pride. I, for one, had been concerned that she would mate with the Matimba Male Coalition north of Londolozi. Had this been the case then a reunion of the 2 portions of the pride would have been near impossible. These two events are critical and we eagerly await to see how this new chapter will unfold. Will it provide a fairytale reunion or are we jumping ahead of ourselves? We will keep you posted as news develops but do let us know your thoughts on this latest update.

The Tailless Female walking away from one of the older Tsalala cubs - Adam Bannister

Written by Adam Bannister
Photographs by Adam Bannister

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on Tailless Female is Mating…

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Certainly no need to apologize for a less than great photo. Any picture of these magnificent creatures is perfect and welcomed. I was among the first to see the Tsalala cubs w/ Talley and I simply adore following their progress in the daily blogs. And I had to LOL when you expressed your concern about the mating choice of The Tailess Female…just like a soap opera! So far this one has the potential of a happy ending.


Adam, I too was very excited to hear the news that BB had settled down and stopped running from the Majingilanes and decided to mate again. What will become of the four tsalala sub adult females? i wait to see the outcome. Thanks for the write up and pics.

Penny Parker

Definite fairytale potential. is it not possible that Tailess will go on to mate with the Matimba’s as well? As with leopards, to ensure the safety of the cubs. Lets hope her choice of mate means only great things for the “Lions of Londolozi” 🙂 haha.

Irene Nathanson

It was wonderful to be there to share in this moment and have the opportunity to witness the enthusiasm and joy you expressed when you heard of her return

Tom Nolle

We saw Tailess when we were there last in 2008 and we’re looking forward to seeing her again on this trip. We’re leaving today so we’ll be there soon!

Penny Parker

Jealous Tom. ENJOY!

Graeme Marais

Thanks Ad..

Tailless is the most incredible Lionness! What a story her life has been

Adam Bannister

Hi Graeme…indeed it has been an incredible story. Who knows where this latest tale will send the Tsalala Pride?

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