Brand New: Impalas

by on December 9, 2010

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Never before have I been so aware of the profound changes taking place across the world.  Almost daily I read new stories about once impressive structures crumbling down; once brilliant innovations now worthless and once revered individuals fallen from grace.  The world is coming ever closer to being completely flattened as it resides in an increasingly rapid state of flux without any parameters defining how, when and in which direction to head.

Change is a given.  What is here today will, most likely, be gone tomorrow.  All of our manmade constructs serve their lifespan and then die.  Innovations, ideas, organisations, societies and empires all come and go.  The only constant seems to be the cycle of the natural order.

Impala Birth at Londolozi Game Reserve

So when I see impalas lambs falling every December, they come with a reassuring sense of calm that the world continues to spin, the rain continues to fall and the sun continues to shine amidst the world in which we live.  To me, the impala have endured longer than the Ancient civilizations, Roman empires, the Industrial age and, now, the Information age.  These delicate creatures form just another part of the yearly cycle, yet they are indicative that system is still working.  Still perfectly attuned with last year, last decade and last century.  The timeless progression continues year in and year out.

To come to Londolozi and the African wilderness is to experience this.  To experience a true reality, something which is older than any ancient empire; deeper than any ideology and more complex than the latest innovation.  But most importantly, it is to be able to draw in a deep breath and feel comforted that if the cycle has come this far, the cycle will endure far beyond this coming century’s exponential rates of change.

Photographed by: Adam Bannister
Filmed by: Steven Foreman (Londolozi Guest)

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8 comment on “Brand New: Impalas”

    Rosie says:

    How beautiful, all legs ! This brought a tear to my eye this morning, isn’t life wonderful, especially new life :)

    Rich says:

    Very true Rosie, hopefully those were tears of joy? They are so beautiful to see in their numbers when the herd stands together. Thnks for your comment.

    Herman says:

    I think National Geographic Wild channel is showing again tonight here in the US the 2 hr. special on londolozi leopards. If so I’ll be watching.

    Rich says:

    Herman I believe the documentary will be on Nat Geo Wild for quite a while. It is called Leopard Queen.

    Herman says:

    Awesome. Thanks. 2 hrs. That’s great for you guys.

    Rich says:

    I know its fantastic isn’t it.

    Herman says:

    It is (no reason to reply if your’re busy), and should bring a lot of attention; positive/educational “attention.”

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