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on 8 Leopards in 8 Square Kilometers

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I have read some sources on the internet and I think that the age of this beautiful cat is estimated to be 8-9 years.
This leopard, if I’m not wrong and I’m not mistaken with the same name, was spotted about three or more years ago the first time at Djuma Game Reserve, and, if not exaggerated by the rangers probably around 75 kilos at minimum (165 pounds) in weight.
He fought a few years ago with a leopard named Mafufayne, I believe, winning with a resolute and peremptory style (that is, Tyson is in size and method of combat).
I hope I was right and correct me if I’m wrong in estimating the age, size and characteristics of this beautiful cat historiography.
I think that would be great if the National Geographic did a documentary on Pan Cam, Tyson, wombats and Nyeleti.
Best Regards

Alessio I am not sure if he is that old, though I myself could be wrong. He would have come in from the same region you mentioned above. I would be very interested in seeing some videos of him fighting, etc. If you have any, please share the links in the comments section below. He is one of the leopard who we are trying to source information on for our Leopards of Londolozi.

If you know of anyone else with info, please ask them to share in the comments below.

Thanks for your input.


I want to be there now!

Ah Judy, I hope you are already planning your 2011 trip! The leopards will be waiting….

I enjoy reading the postings so much. Thanks. In the process here of grading papers, reading essays, etc. So “travelling” to Londolozi is a treat. 🙂


Hi Rich.
There are videos on youtube and on specific blogs Tyson fights with other territorial male including:
But unfortunately I have no certainty that this is Tyson! I am very very doubtful!!

A brief reference to the characteristics of Tyson is as follows:
Wildearth reports a fight with another leopard , as well as the fact that Tyson has a size above average and that his style is similar to Mike Tyson in the fight.

As for the size of minimum 75 kilograms, I do not know if it was weighed or is it a mere estimate made by the rangers in a video on youtube.
If he had actually as great as it appears from these sources that would be a terrible example in size, the largest if not the largest in the Sabi Sands? Of course I do not have enough knowledge to say.
Best regards


Always a treat to hear about these stories. Cyber travel. 🙂

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