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Robyn grew up in Johannesburg and every family holiday was spent exploring the Lowveld or camping around Southern Africa. Her love of nature and conservation propelled her to complete her Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh’s school of Geoscience. Although this gave ...

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on Wild Dogs, Domestic Dogs, and Wolves: A Family Portrait

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Very good and interesting article, Robyn. I am often asked by friends, when I show them my photos, what the difference between our dogs and wild dogs and wolves is. Now I will be able to explain it in a better way.

Robyn, thanks for continuing my education about African animals. The wild dogs are a unique animal even coming from a lineage of Domestic dogs and wolves.

Awww Zac is sooo cute…and definitely doesn’t look like could survive outside his cushy life 😉 But good for him! Funny about the eyebrow fact…hadn’t thought about that before…but so true! Our pup is SO expressive between that and his big ears!

Master Tracker

What a super article. I’ve been lucky to see Wild Dogs in several countries and on my last morning in Londolozi (several years ago) saw a hunt from start to finish – amazing – if brutal, spectacle

The wolves are my favorite and especially the Grey wolf. My German Shepard cross Rodviler female used to howl like a wolf. The male was huge and weighed 45 kilos. Both of them were exceptional loving companions and nobody came in my yard. Wild dogs are special with there patches and white tales.

Thanks for addressing the question about whether Painted Dogs can be domesticated, as I’m glad they cannot. There are enough domesticated animals for humans to interact with and wildlife should stay wild and free.

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