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Amanda is the Londolozi Marketing Manager & has been in the marketing, advertising & creative industry for 15 years & the health and wellness industry for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from The University of Cape Town ...

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on Society Stole Your Wild Self. Here’s How To Get It Back.

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Hi, this is the only ever video on YouTube I commented below. It touched me so deeply I had to listen and listen to it again. Both Self must go together. When I can set my Wild Self free I feel so alive again, and I can do that so easily, because I never abandoned myself as a child. When I roam the green wood or immerse myself in the sea water, which is my favourite, as I am welcome in a different world. Or just when walking i watch the trees along the road with every sort of surprises whithin. I hope to join the Londolozi Wild Self once

Thank you so much Francesca, I am so glad that the video spoke to you like this. Nature truly is the best place to connect in with our essence.

I have never forgotten my wild self, just put it to one side when inmersed with work or people around me. But when I am alone, I go into a different innerself, hearing the birds sing, here on the reserve where we live now for 2 years I watch and listen to the antelope, giraffe and the nyala bull that comes to visit me every second day. Such peace and tranquility arises when I speak to the nyala and he looks at him with his huge big eyes. There is nothing better than living in the bush and having your wild self come out and experience the wild all over again. Your video is inspiring Amanda.

Amanda, I’ve spent a couple of days now processing your words and incredibly empowering video and have come to the realization that whilst my wild self seemed to have disappeared in the harsh realities of life, it actually was always there. I just needed to remember all the times I felt free from all the constraints of society by finding solace in the quiet moments, stargazing, running along the ocean’s shore or watching the young cows amble up to the roadside intently staring into my eyes. The commonality is and always has been time spent in the natural world where I can be free to be me. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that to find your wild self opens up your life and possibly influence others to find theirs.

Amanda, your writing is beautiful! Your message is perfectly matched by the beautiful pictures taken and chosen with the eye of love for all living. When we are aligned with our true nature i.e. totally in peace, fear, which is basically connected to our egos, cannot get hold of us. As you mentioned, it’s crucial to feed and nurture our true, wild self to achieve the balance between our two selves. And this is something we have to continue doing every day. There is no quick fix or one-time solution.

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