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on Kambula Pride Take Down Buffalo

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Talk about walking into the lion’s den! How old would the adolescent cubs that were getting involved be now? – I guess the oldest ones in the Kambula pride would have been conceived soon after the Ndzhenga males arrived, which I think was late 2021?

What a wonderful sighting!! Love the Kambulas. It was nice to see the cubs helping with the takedown of the buffalo. It’s great practice. I was also glad to see the Ndzhengas with them as the Plains Camp Males seem to be all over the place lately. They were seen with a Kambula lioness recently. Amahle and Eroenji are a tough duo. Great pics as well. Beautiful sunrise. You are very blessed to have such an incredible job 💜🦁

Personnaly , I know this the « circle of Life » but I cannot understand standing there to look at the death in direct…I do not appreciate looking at a kill

Hi Jess, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. The lions are gorgeous in their full “leonity”. I know what happens, nonetheless it’s hard to listen to the buffalo bellowing. The raw, and, say, cruel side of nature that selected such a large and powerful animal to be hunted. At last I appreciate the lions ‘ tactics to suffocate the animal, so oxygen barely flows to the brain and tbe pain is less perceived. I don’t definitely like people watching it and commenting it, what if they were in the buffalo’s shoes, or hooves. It often happens that predators we like to watch in action hunted and still hunt as well…

Extraordinary foto’s and video Jess. Your instincts were on the button as you said you knew you were going to have a good day ahead. Fantastic to see that lioness taking down a buffalo and then the cubs also helping. Good to see the males as well although they just come to eat what the lioness had killed. One minute mother and the next minute she’s killing a buffalo. Well done Jess!!!

Wow Jess, what a way to start the day indeed! Your final paragraph really captures it all. Brava!!

Wow Jess, what a great group of pictures. The lions taking down a buffalo is just amazing.

Wow Jess, this an absolutely amazing piece that I perceive as “an anatomy of a buffalo takedown”by the Kambula Pride. Your photos in addition to the closing video, vividly capture the expertise and determination of lionesses in the quest to secure a meal for their pride. It is definitely a window into the lives of lionesses – mothering one moment, hunter the next. Thanks so much!

What a really intense sighting. One feels pity with the buffalo who also fights so bravely for its life, and one feels for the lions, especially the super brave lioness who brought the buffalo down.
Fight, death and survival, interlinked. Sad and still exciting and very emotional.
Great photos, Jess!

Wow Jess, That was definitely intense! Especially the video! That was life in the wild for sure! 😳

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow what an incredible sighting. I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor buffalo though. It might have been over quicker if the males had come in and helped sooner and not just saunter in when all the hard work is done by the girls.

I don’t think my nervous system could have handled that in person. It’s incredible that so few of the lions actually participated in bringing the buffalo down, although it was promising to see the cubs attempts to assist. I wish the other adults had jumped in to speed up the process to shorten the buffalos suffering, but nature decides. Kudos to the one lioness that kept hanging on for dear life. I was exhausted watching her!

Great pictures. I think one of the most challenging sightings is the kill of the Buffaloes- they seem so majestically stoic, and it takes so long. And at the same time they also seem sensitive, aware. Anyway, on the other side watching the prowess of the lionesses hunt, strategize, and take down such large prey… it’s fascinating.

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