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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on The Nkoveni Female Hunts Again!

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What a memorable sighting Nick – Nkoveni, her three cubs and then her kill of the Impala lamb. Loved the accompanying photos that completed your story. I’m sure your guests will never forget this experience!

Indeed Denise. I certainly won’t forget this particular sighting either!

Sitting here in NY and I cannot believe how this has made such a positive impact on my morning. Momma taking care of her babies will always be a blessing to see. Thank you for sharing this!

Im thrilled this story made your day! thanks for the comment.

A Platinum level sighting for some extremely fortunate safari guests! Wow wow wow

It really was! so lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Nick you and your guests had the best sighting of the three cubs and mommy Nkoveni. That little cub lying in the tree hole is absolutely gorgeous. So the cubs saw their mom kill the impala lamb right in front them. Their memory will keep that in remembrance for their day of hunting. Such a privilege to be able to see the wild enfold right in front of you.

We are very privileged to get to experience sightings like these Valmai.

The Novena Female is indeed a very good hunter and provider of food for her cubs.
So, I hope that she will be able to raise them to adulthood. A lot of work for a mother of three. Amazing animals these leopards. Looking forward to seeing all four of them in a few months time.

Thanks Christa for the comment. She is doing an excellent job so far. I hope she can keep them alive and healthy for your return trip.

What an amazing sighting! You mentioned that was back in March, what’s the latest news on them?

Hi Suzanne, She still has two cubs that are doing very well.

It’s such a rare event and she’s formidable. Their lives symbolise the strength and perseverance as an example for us all, the joy we all feel in watching those pictures and reading it’s immense. Poor.impala lamb it had a mother as well, the victim of nature’s play of life and death

Wow Nick! Seeing 3 cubs and a kill in one go is the sighting of a lifetime! That impala lamb looks very small for this time of year, am I right? Impala lambs born too early or too late in this case get hunted more readily.

Incredible sighting Nick, with equally incredible images to go along with the thrilling account!

Hi David, Yes this was a top sighting and one I won’t forget for a long time. The impala lamb was likely born quite late in the season towards the end of 2023.

What a great story Nick. I am sure it was a memorable safari for your guests. The photos were spectacular, thanks for sharing.

Loved the blog – always enjoy reading about Nkoveni! She has a successful record as a mother and I’m rooting for a 3-cub survival this time!

Nkoveni continues to provide incredible sightings. Can’t wait to see her and hers in a few months.
Hi to you and Joy!

Hello Vin! thanks for the comment. We can’t wait for your return and will be in search of the Nkoveni Female for sure.

The perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. I’m sure no one present will ever forget it!

Absolutely Chelsea! it was a sighting that brought all the action as well as the emotions.

Nick, what an amazing story! So exciting to see those cubs thriving and we really hope that they will make it through! Nkoveni is truly amazing – just like her mother!

Thank You Michale and Terri! It was an awesome experience. The Mashaba Female has also been seen again recently which will make you glad.

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