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Keagan has always had a connection with wildlife, having been lucky enough to visit Londolozi as a child. After growing up in Johannesburg, he attended boarding school in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands where weekends were spent exploring the reserve and appreciating his surroundings. ...

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on Smell: The Surprising Truth About Our Senses, Part 3

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I agree that the various scents on safari really enhance the experience–even the unpleasant ones. It really puts you in your body as you bumble along in the vehicle.

Thank you for reminding us of how powerful smell is to each animal. We take this for granted imo.

I really love the smell of the bush above all other smells. It’s this special mixture of plante, flowers, animals that make all one’s senses alert and then you realize that you have really returned to the bush. Great article on smells, Keagan.

Keagan your story on the smelling sense is really interesting. Animals use their smelling sense much better than humans. It’s true after you have memorized a certain smell it will trigger something in you to that memory. How wonderful the animals use their nose to smell their kill, or their kind in estrus.

Keagan, the sense of smell is very powerful especially in the animal world. It is one of the best alert systems animals have both as hunter and as prey. We should stop and smell the roses as your blog implies.

Thanks so much for Part 3 of this series Keagan. It’s perhaps the sense of smell one first experiences as soon as arriving at Londolozi, or any place located in the bush or plains. Stepping off the vehicle, the clean, earthy scent greets you in the parking lot, soon followed by the aromas of whatever flowers may be blooming. Each of the plants and bushes offer their own kind of herbaceous, and if you arrive at mealtime, your appetite will be heightened by the aura of whatever is on the menu.

Great pics for this piece!!!

Keagan, is it true leopard urine smells like popcorn?

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