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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Nkoveni Female Leopard And Her Three cubs- Virtual Safari #217

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Thank you Sean, that’s just gorgeous. Is this the 1st time Nkoveni has had a litter of 3 – or at least, as far as you’re aware? I remember her mother had more than 1 litter of 3 , the triplets we saw were about 3 months old (and unfortunately killed by lions soon after).

What a special week with leopards and what a gift! This last one then to be added to the list to make my week! She’s so beautiful and a superb mum! There aren’t enough words to describe those little treasures! Looking forward to getting more news thank you so much

Fantastic to see the Nkoveni female and her three cubs, playing in the greenery, up and down the trees. They are absolutely gorgeous and I could sit and watch them for ages. Mommy seems to be quite at home with the Land Rover nearby watching her and the cubs. I love all the animal from Londolozi, especially the leopards and cubs.

Wonderful video of mom and her three cubs. Leopards are my favorite and you supply them frequently. But would like to see some content on the lesser known/photographed wildlife that is so abundant at Londolozi.

Fantastic video Sean thank you for sharing.

Today’s video definitely moved the cuteness meter to the very top as Nkoveni’s cubs entertained us once again. It’s great they’re eating meat now so I expect their growth to continue at a steady rate. She seems to be a relaxed leopard mom, such that after she is successfully tracked, you all have the opportunity to spend time with her little family. Managing three active, inquisitive cubs is a difficult task for a leopardess, but if any mother can do it, Nkoveni’s experience is a positive. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy any videos or images of this foursome as time and opportunity allow.

Sean, We set aside time each Sunday to watch the videos! It is nice sometimes when you allow the scene to develop without ongoing commentary like to did for this one. Your videography continues to improve and we can’t say enough about the thought and passion that permeates your stories each week. Thank you!

Thank you for going out in the midday sun for our benefit. Awesome film. Don’t stop!

Thanks for the fantastic video, Sean! And thanks to Jess and Matt for finding mother and cubs! It’s so good to know that the Novena female still has her three cubs and is doing so well. The leopard sightings have really been fantastic lately.

Anything that Londozoli provides is wonderful for me. I’m not looking to see anything in particular; I enjoy whatever this extraordinary place has.
These 3 cubs and momma are such a miracle to see thousands of miles away. Thank you.

Such a wonderfully heart-warming video Sean, especially after the news of the Ximungwe Female’s loss. And I loved your suggestion, better, admonition to just sit back and take it all in. Incredibly special footage of the Nkoveni Female and her cubs! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the monkeys alarming, and potentially signaling to hyenas that there was something to investigate, thereby not only putting the carcass at risk of being stolen, but more importantly putting the safety of the cubs at risk!! Hopefully alls well that ends well in this instance!

1000% Magical!

Lovely to see those little ones again. I have faith that these are well protected. I am so sad to hear about the cubs of Ximungwe. I am aware of the fact that you have spent a considerable amount of time tracking them and maintaining a track of their whereabouts. As an empath, I need to limit my exposure to sad or harsh content since I can feel all emotions, not just my own. With that said I want to point out that I truly love all your content because it is done with absolute passion and respect for all living things. So thank you.

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